Kyadondo Polls: Candidate Muwada Arrested

candidate Muwada broadcast his own arrest live on Facebook

Police have arrested Independent candidate in the Kyadondo East by-elections, Muwada Nkunyinji, for causing confusion at the polling station.

Muwada was picked up at Kiteezi disabled polling station, where he was demonstrating when he found out he couldn’t cast his ballot there.

The candidate found that his name was not on the voters’ register and was informed that he was transferred to another polling station.

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Candidate Muwada refused to leave the polling station

Candidate Muwada refused to leave the polling station

In anger, Mr Muwada refused to leave the station and decided to sit on the ground, saying he never applied for a transfer.

The FDC-leaning candidate says he was informed that there were new polling stations that were created and some people were transferred to such, but he never asked to be.

Police after failed efforts to convince him to leave, decided to arrest him and take him to Kasangati Police Station.


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