Kuyunga Cult Church Closed, Pastor Jailed


Police has shut down and commenced investigations into River of Life Ministries, approved a cult church in Kayunga district, ailment whose strange rituals incensed locals.

Together with area authorities, page police yesterday moved in and arrested the church pastor Nabbi Kevinah along with two followers.

These according to residents, lead their followers at the beginning of every year and take cattle and sacrifice them on graveyards.

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Some of the followers claim that the priest has been asking them to make the ultimate offering and give him all their wealth in return for blessings.

Angry residents at the beginning of the week attacked the church to raze it down but police was there to save the day. The structure has been closed and is guarded day and night by the police.

Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye confirmed that Nabbi Kevinah is now being held at Kayunga police station waiting to be charged depending on what investigations will provide


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