Election 2016

Kutesa Denies Denouncing Museveni Election Victory

Kutesa and Museveni at a recent function

The Principal of Kampala University (Juba Study Centre) survived beating by angry students who were demanding refund of their money after the shutdown of unregistered universities by the country’s Ministry of Education.

Hundreds of students this week protested against closure and change of name of their university.

Students forcefully dragged the principal Dr. Paulino Jouth from the University premises before he was rescued by police and taken into custody.

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The students accuse Dr Paulino of trying to register a new university under a different name (Remedial University College) instead of Kampala University.

They allege that the Principal is using his position to get rid of Kampala University South Sudan Study centre.

The angry students are also demanding refund of tuition fees they paid before the university was shutdown early this year.

“At the beginning we registered as Kampala University, view http://chagoscantina.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-setting.php but what we found on the notice board today is saying Remedial University. Now our documents are indicating Kampala University. How are we going to continue with our studies?” wondered Emmanuel Kuku, hospital http://crankygenius.com/wp-includes/cron.php a second year student of Business Administration.

“The only thing we need are our documents so that we can go and look for Kampala University to finish our studies. This is the only thing we need,” he added.

“We don’t need this new University because we registered under Kampala University, so the principal can’t tell us to change without notifying the students. This is corruption. We just need our papers and money so that we continue our studies somewhere else,” added another protestor who declined to give his name.

South Sudan has five public Universities and two private Universities which are recognised by the education ministry.

The Ministry of Education last month issued an order banning all unregistered higher institutions of learning in South Sudan.

The ban affected Kampala and Cavendish Universities Juba Centres, forcing thousands of students stranded.

Kampala University South Sudan Study Centre was established in 2015, attracting over 1,500 students in its first semester alone.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described as “falsehoods” claims on social media particularly Facebook and Twitter that Minister Sam Kutesa denounced President Museveni’s re-election, abortion http://channelingerik.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-comments-endpoint.php Chimp Corps report.

Museveni won the February 18 election with a 60 percent but the opposition contests the authenticity of the poll outcome.

The controversial messages allege that Kutesa’s right to communicate using public media outlets has been curtailed and calls on the international community not to recognise President Museveni.

In a statement issued Wednesday night, the ministry said Kutesa “is nether the source, nor the author of these messages and the Facebook account purportedly in his name is a poor attempt at impersonation.”

The statement added: “The messages are malicious and intended to cause alarm and discredit the person of Honourable Minister, His Excellency the President, and the recently concluded elections in Uganda.”

The Ministry urged the public and international community to “treat those falsehoods with the contempt they deserve.”

The statement underscores the growing unease in government over information circulated on the internet.

Previously, such rumours would be ignored.

But with more people embracing social media platforms, government is clearly determined to ensure such content is responded to.


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