Kutesa: Africa Should Focus on Economic Liberation

Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Sam Kutesa

Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa has called upon all Africans to focus on economic liberation of the continent in addition to raising political awareness and consciousness.

“We have to challenge the existing paradox of a hugely resourced and gifted continent, sildenafil but inhabited by mainly poor people. I am a firm believer that with commitment and dedicated leadership, dosage there is a way to straighten every curve.  And African leaders have already started on this course, there ” he said while speaking at a function to commemorate the Africa Day held at Vienna College Namugongo on Wednesday May 25th.

The Africa Day is meant to celebrate the May 25th constitution of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) by 30 leaders of the 32 African states that were independent by 1963. The OAU was later transformed into the African Union (AU) in 2002 but the day has been kept to celebrate African heritage and Unity.

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Kutesa said that “We need renewed commitment towards Africa’s renaissance and the advancement of all people of African origin” adding that the rate at which Africa’s population is growing would present a tremendous challenge if not properly planned for.

According to a report by the African Development Bank on “Africa’s Demographic Trends (2012)”, Africa’s population is expected to peak at 1.6 billion by 2030, with average life expectancy rising to 64years, compared to 57years in 2010.

A recent report by the World Bank (2015), “Africa’s Demographic Transition: Dividend or Disaster”, also projects that by 2060, Africa will hold an estimated 2.8 billion people.

The minister noted that a series of strategic policy interventions are required to address socio-economic challenges arising from such population growth adding that “challenges such as inadequate and poor health care for children and the elderly; inadequate and poor education facilities; and unemployment must be addressed.”

“A youthful population, combined with new resources and political stability, is a massive advantage when managed well with the right policies in place to spur sustainable development.”

“For countries such as ours, where young people represent a large portion of the population, some of the urgent interventions required include creation of enough jobs for the working-age group. In particular, there is need for high-productivity jobs, coupled with encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship and investment in micro, small and medium enterprises. Access to affordable credit facilities is therefore critical.”

“Empowering women and girls, by improving their health, education and skills; and granting them greater market access will also be important. Increasing and sustaining household incomes requires the full involvement of women, particularly in rural areas”


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