Korean Preacher Urges on Good Parenting

Korean Theologian Dr. Dong addressing the media with Dr. Kyagulanyi

Korean Theologian and International Teacher, Sul Dong Ju of Shema Education Research Institute (SERI) has called upon Ugandans to reflect back on the ancient culture of parents teaching their children the basic principles of life.

Parenting as well as child up-bringing, he said, has of the late been neglected by most parents and left in the hands of school administrations, house maids and the media.

He said in the long run, most of the children have grown with no clear instructions and life principles learnt from their parents, which affects their morals.

Dr. Dong who is hosted by Miracle Reach Life Church, Nansana- Wakiso District for a five day parenting conference, told the media on Tuesday that the only solution to the degenerating society is parents rising up to take up their responsibility.

The visiting preacher decried that fact that many youths have left church as they graduate from universities.

“Deutronomy 6:4-9, says that Parents should keep God’s commandments in mind and they should educate their children in accordance with God’s commandments; with this in mind, parents should teach the children God’s commandments diligently and continually,” Dong said.

Miracle Reach Life Church pastor, Dr. William Kyagulanyi told the media that the Dr. Dong’s teachings will help pastors and church leaders learn skills that will help them grow God fearing children.

Dr. Kyagulanyi said that despite most pastors in the country raising strong and big churches, many have failed to nurture their children in the fear of the Lord.

“Most pastors and leaders have failed to create time for their children due to their busy schedule which has rendered them vulnerable to wrong teachings and doctrines,” Kyagulanyi said.


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