Kiyingi: Jim Muhwezi a Global Fund ‘Racketeer’

Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi

A section of residents of Bubaare Parish in Bubaare Sub County, help http://clark-illustration.com/wp-admin/includes/misc.php Kabale district have petitioned the Resident District Commissioner, over rampant theft in their area.

In their letter dated October 16th, they say that they have been losing property including livestock, crops and construction items and that there was nothing being done to apprehend the culprits.

In the same petition they requested the RDC for advice on what they were to do about the situation saying that they had informed all the relevant security organs in the locality but to no avail.

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Among the stolen properties were a cow, 41 goats, 10 pigs, 4 sheep, 16 hens, windows and doors which were apparently stolen from newly constructed houses.

In his response, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Kabale, Moses Nuwagaba said that they had received many cases of theft in the area in the recent past and that he was to sit with other security organs for a solution.

He however said that they were usually hampered by natives who do not avail necessary information concerning culprits such that they are brought to book.

Nuwagaba also blamed the increased theft on some local leaders who defended thieves when arrested by police and also police officer who connive with thieves to take people’s properties.
As the NRM delegates’ conference draws closer, see http://colombiareports.com/wp-includes/bookmark.php the fighting in the ruling party is not about to end.

The latest is that State Minister for Regional Cooperation, ask http://darkon.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/acceptance.php Asuman Kiyingi has described retired Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi as the “Gavi and Global HIV Fund racketeer” determined to keep away those perceived to be opposed to President Museveni from the venue of the delegates’ conference.

Kiyingi on Thursday posted on his Facebook page: “Thomas Kategere have you been accredited for Namboole? The Gavi and Global HIV Fund racketeer in charge of accreditation says your District Publicity Secretary will only step in Namboole over his dead body.”

Jim Muhwezi who is in charge of the accreditation of the delegates was in the early 2000s accused of swindling donors funds meant to support malaria and HIV victims.

Muhwezi denied the charge and was later absolved by courts of law. However, order his reputation was bruised.

Muhwezi was also censured by the Ugandan Parliament in 1998 for abuse of office.

Many a Ugandan look at Muhwezi as a corrupt person.

But Kiyingi, a serving Minister to openly attack a top NRM figure tells a lot about the divisions in the party, raising fears of possible violence when the delegates converge at the national stadium on December 15..

Kiyingi is thought to be a sympathiser of presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi, an allegation he has always vehemently denied.

It appears Kiyingi subscribes to the school of thought that supporters of Mbabazi including Kategere will be locked out of the Delegates Conference.

“I guess there are serious funds to lay hands on over there. When you go please be careful. You are mukene,” Kiyingi told Kategere, adding, “Don’t dare the sharks. They will not even notice you are in their digestive system. You will be lucky to be ejected as pee.”

It is also possible that Kiyingi intended to spark off a social media debate on the accreditation procedures being used by Muhwezi to select delegates to the conference.

Reminded that Muhwezi was cleared by courts, the Minister responded, sarcastically: “Which court? I am talking about the other one a top leader once described as “the face of corruption in Uganda.”’

The delegates’ conference is expected to adopt key amendments to the NRM constitution including handing President Museveni more powers to appoint and dismiss a Secretary General.


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