Kitgum RDC Considers Resigning To Take Up Teaching Job

RDC Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukomoi at a sports say event in Lira. He says he is weighing a teaching job outside the country

Kitgum district Deputy Resident Commissioner Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukomoi is considering quitting his position to take up a full time teaching job.

Lutukomoi says he is weighing his options after getting a job to teach at a college, nurse which he refuses to disclose, page in the United States.

The deputy RDC who flew out of the country on Tuesday night reveals that he has since taken an indefinite leave and could be starting work in June 2017.

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Lutukomoi who served in Lira district until December last year says the new job is well paying and less stressful compared to his current assignment of deputy RDC.

The maverick former opposition Democratic Party spokesperson has lately expressed frustration at the appointing authority, capsule who he accuses of under-deploying him to the ‘lesser’ office of the deputy RDC and in a ‘small’ district like Kitgum.

Before his transfer late last year, Lutokomoi openly clashed with Esther Mbayo the Presidency Minister, his immediate supervisor after the former directed him to return a heifer that he received under anti-poverty program Operation Wealth Creation.

The minister had faulted Lutukomoi for unfairly using his position to allocate himself the heifer contrary to OWC guidelines.

Lutokomoi, then the Lira deputy RDC questioned the academic credentials of the minister before boasting that he was more qualified than her.

Following the public showdown, Lutokomoi was subsequently transferred to Kitgum district as a deputy RDC a position he later on described as so ‘little’ for a holder of two Master degrees and a former national spokesperson of a major opposition political party.



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