Kisoro Hospital Ambulance Used for Administrative Work

The two grounded vehicles in the Kisoro hospital compound

Kisoro Hospital, information pills the sole government hospital in the south western district is reeling with lack of transport, cheap following the breakdown of two of its service vehicles.

The two vehicles were grounded about two years ago and have never been repaired, hindering a number of hospital services  that require transport like outreaches and mass sensitizations.

The two vehicles, a Toyota  Land Cruiser registration number UG 1707M and Toyota  Double Cabin Pick up registration number UG 2966M are now parked in the hospital compound.

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The hospital has now been compelled to halt carrying out immunization outreaches and massive health sensitizations.

Dr. Michael Baganizi, the hospital Medical Superintendent says the vehicles require about Shs. 30million each for repair.

Baganizi also says that hospital’s administrative work has been affected and now administrators have been using the available ambulances while travelling for office duties outside the district especially in Kampala, an issue he says it leaves the hospital in dilemma.

He adds that the hospital currently has no money to repair the grounded vehicles calling for help from the Government.

Wilson Tibugyenda, the Kisoro District Chief Administrative Officer says that district leadership is aware of the problem.

Tibugyenda says that they are in a process of writing to the Ministry of Health lobbying for a new service vehicle.


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