Kisenyi Terrorism Case: State Changes Prosecutors

The International War Crimes High Court Judge Justice Elizabeth Nahamya has set 30th Jan 2016 to start the pretrial hearing of the case where Somali nationals are charged with terrorism and belonging to terrorism groups.

Yesterday’s pretrial conferencing didn’t go as planned as the state attorney John Baptist Asiimwe failed to provide the defense with all the evidence they are to use in this case.

In his defense, generic Asiimwe said he was new to the case as it was being handled by Senior State Attorney Rachael Bikhole and State Attorney Marion Ben Bella who were assigned another case.

“I have not been aware of the level of disclosure which had been made, pharmacy ” he said.

The defense counsels led by Mac Dusman Kabega asked the judge to order the state the serve them with all required documents in not less than 15 days to the next court sitting.

In her ruling on this matter the judge gave the state up to 30th Jan 2017 to have provided this evidence.

The eight accused persons in this case are Muahmad Abdul Kadir, viagra Abdul Abdulahi Botaan, Hassan Abdul wali Muahmoud, Mohamed Ahmed Cele, Yusuf Osman, Abdi Ali, Abdul Kadir and Mohammed Yusuf Farah.

These were remanded back to Luzira Prisons amidst tight security of both Anti-terrorism Police and Uganda Prisons.

Prosecution alleges that in September 2014 in various places in Uganda, Kenya and Somalia, the accused persons and others at large aided and abetted terrorism when they rendered support to Alshabab, knowing that the support will be applied in connection and commission of terrorism offences.


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