King Oyo Takes On The Oyo Challenge On His Birthday

King Oyo took on the Oyo Challenge yesterday

King of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV yesterday turned 23 years. King Oyo is the world’s youngest monarch; having being enthroned back in 1995 aged only three.

He was born April 16,  1992 to the late King Patrick Kaboyo and Best Kemigisa.

But his birthday celebrations were postponed for unmentioned reasons to tomorrow. The celebrations will be kick started Saturday afternoon with ecumenical prayers presided over by Rt. Rev. Bishop Kisembo Rueben at the Palace on Kabarole Hill (Karuziika).

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Thereafter there will be celebrations at Kisina in Kyenjojo district that will go up to Monday 20th, where sub- country chiefs from Mwenge County will be inaugurated.

Oyo Challenge went viral on social media

Oyo Challenge went viral on social media

But King Oyo was not about to let his real birthday – the April 16, go without highlight. Now you recall he fracas that followed his Monday visit to Buganda Kingdom for his fellow King Ronald Mutebi’s 60th birthday.

A picture later emerged and went viral on the internet, of King Oyo reluctantly giving a handshake to Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga, with his legs crossed.

The picture then gave birth to the infamous Oyo Challenge, where folks on social media tried out all the ridiculous ways to imitate the handshake.

Well, yesterday the King invited some of his royalists in his officer to take on the challenge himself, and yes, he perfected it!


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