Kiira Motors to Showcase Kayoola Solar Bus at UN Expo

Kayoola Bus

Ugandan pioneer homegrown automotive project, purchase Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) has been invited to exhibit at the forthcoming Sustainable Innovation Expo organized by United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) this May in Nairobi.

The biennial political meeting brings together global environmental policy makers, Cabinet officials, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, organizations and companies to discuss global environmental trends.

The platform also looks at lobbying of government actors on pertinent environmental policies and issues.

Paul Isaac Musasizi, the CEO Kiira Motors told Chimpreports that KMC’s participation in the Expo is in its recognition as a green transport partner developing eco-friendly transport technologies.

“The work we do at Kiira Motors Corporation is shaping the destiny of Uganda and Africa as an Equal Partner in Value Addition for domestic consumption and export to the rest of the World for sustainable economic development.”

Kiira Motors will showcase its famous ‘Kayoola’ Solar Bus, which is a heritage of African science and technology Innovation and clean energy transport technologies.

Musasizi says that the Expo is also an opportunity for Brand visibility, networking & synergies and representing Uganda as a clean energy automotive hub with manufacturing capabilities.

Why did Kiira Motors find it imperative to develop a solar powered bus? The CEO explained; “We aspire for a green, clean, and noise free transport solution for urban mass mobility. The sustainability of Ugandan made vehicles is based on production of eco-friendly and internationally acceptable technology and products for global competitiveness.”

However, in addition to the Kayoola solar bus, KMC is set to manufacture fuel powered automotives such as Sedans, SUVs and Pickups with an inevitable nature of emission.

In reaction to this, Musasizi told Chimpreports; “Innovation in the automotive industry has seen the birth of advanced low emission ICEs. KMC shall use these to curb the emissions from the very old cars imported in the region.”

He added that the Kiira Vehicle Technology Program will continue exploring green mobility technology for Africa with the hope of having vehicles like the Kayoola solar bus on the road in the 5 -10 years period.


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