South Sudan

Kiir Passes Another Decree on 28 States

The South Sudan President, approved Salva Kiir has passed another decree on the controversial 28 states unilaterally created by his mainstream SPLM faction in October last year.

On 2nd October 2015 just a month after signing the peace agreement, Kiir declared the creation of 28 states fragmented from the original states.

The move sparked condemnations from the SPLM in opposition faction under Dr. Riek Machar. Donors and peace talks negotiators also disagreed with the move but president Kiir stuck to his guns.

On Sunday evening another decree from the president was aired on the national broadcaster, the SSTV.
The decree stated that Kiir as the national chairman of the ruling SPLM has appointed all the 28 designated governors of the 28 states the chairmen of the party in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

“The President as the National Chairman SPLM appointed the 28 governors the State chairmen of SPLM in their areas,” part of the decree says.

The list of state governors and now SPLM Chairmen
1.  Hon. Natisio Loluke-Imatong State
2. Hon. Luois Lobong Lojore-Namorunyang State
3. Hon. Afikaano Monday-Maridi State
4. Hon. Joseph Kachipo-Amadi State
5. Hon. Patrick Raphael-Gbudwe State
6. Hon. Augustino Jadalla Wani-Jubek State
7. Hon. Juma Ali Malou-Terekeka State
8. Hon. David Lokonga Moses-Yei State
9. Hon. Elias Waya Nyipuoc-Wau State
10. Hon. Ronald Ruai Deng-Aweil State
11. Hon. Rezik Zechariah Hassan-Lol State
12. Hon. Deng Deng Akuei-Aweil East State
13. Hon. Bona Panek-Twic State
14. Hon. Abraham Gum Makuac-Gogrial State
15. Hon. Akec Tong Aleu-Tonj State
16. Hon. Rin Tuec-Eastern Lakes State
17. Hon. Abraham Makoi Bol-Western Lakes State
18. Hon. Madang Majok-Gok State
19. Hon. Dr Joseph Monytuil-Northern Liech State
20. Hon. Teker Riek Dong-Southern Liech State
21. Hon. Mayol Kur Akuei-Ruweng State
22. Hon. Phillip Aguer Panyang-Jonglei State
23. Hon. Dr William Othuon- Western Nile State
24. Hon. Chol Thon Balook-Eastern Nile State
25. Hon. James Kok Ruey-Western Bieh State
26. Hon. Peter Bol Kaong-Eastern Bieh State
27. Hon. Peter Lam Both-Latjoor State
28. Hon. Baba Medan Konyi-Boma State.

The development comes at a time when president Kiir and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar who are now jointly steering the Transitional Government of National Unity just held a meeting and
agreed to form a committee to harmonize their positions on the contentious creation of 28 states.

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