South Sudan

Kiir, Machar ‘Peaceful’ Neighbors in Luxurious Nairobi Locality

Architectural rendition of Kiir’s villa in Lavington, Nairobi from the Southeast towards Machar’s house.

The South Sudan President SalvaKiir and his arch rival Dr. Riek Machar have been revealed as peaceful neighbors in the neighboring Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The Sentry report which is a result of two years investigation into the young nation’s war, page tracking the flows of billions of dollars between few powerful individuals as the population bears the burden was released on Monday by the Washington’s based Enough Project.

The report found out that senior government officials and military generals and their close family members have accrued wealth and are constructing lavish homes outside the nation and their family members are comfortably living in the neighboring countries.

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According to the report both Kiir and Machar whose forces are battling each other in the frontlines in South Sudan, cure acquired homes in Lavington, one of Nairobi’s most upscale neighborhood.

The Sentry report says Kiir’s home in Lavington is a well-guarded compound, lined with a 10-to-12-foot cinderblock fence topped with two additional feet of taut, high-voltage wiring.

Machar and Kiir's houses in Nairobi are separated by a short distance 

Machar and Kiir’s houses in Nairobi are separated by a short distance

It added that just inside the compound is a courtyard, flanked on either side by two relatively small structures that appear to be a large garage and a guest house or guard post.

“Just beyond the courtyard is the main home, an elegant, pale yellow, two-story villa with several balconies that appears to be well over 5,000 square feet. Behind the main house is a spacious, lush, and well-landscaped backyard.”

Meanwhile Machar’s family new home in the same area has a large backyard with a large stone patio and a teardrop-shaped, in-ground and a swimming pool.

“A source within South Sudan’s government confirmed to The Sentry that the Kiir and Machar homes in Nairobi were close to one another in Lavington.”

According to the report, the Nairobi residence is not Machar’s family’s only apparent home outside Juba. Several members of his immediate family reportedly occupy a large home in downtown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Sentry said investigators visited the home and spoke to a member Machar’s family, Gatluak Machar, who confirmed that the house was occasionally used by the deposed Vice President.


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