Kigezi Commences Week-long Commemoration of Late Bishop Kivengere

Late Bishop Festo Kivengere

The Diocese of Kigezi today commenced the weeklong remembrance of the life of the first black Bishop of the Diocese Bishop Festo Kivengere, symptoms 28 years after his death.

Reverend Canon Obed Turihohabwe, prescription the diocese of Kigezi diocesan secretary says  the diocese is to commemorate his life from 14th to 21st May 2017 in remembrance of   the good work that bishop Kivengere did in preaching the gospel.

Bishop Kivengere preached the word of God in Kigezi and other parts of the world, information pills but also used his sermons to fight Ugandan dictatorship. He is famous for his book “I love Idi Amin.”

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Bishop Festo Kivengere is fondly termed as one of the most remarkable Christians of the 20th century and probably the most famous and loved evangelists to ever come out of Africa.

Named the Billy Graham of Africa, Bishop Kivengere was consecrated as the Bishop of Kigezi in 1972 replacing  Rt. Rev. Richard Lyth  who was the pioneer Bishop  of Kigezi.

He served until 1988 when he died of leukaemia after returning   from exile and was buried at St. Peters Cathedral Rugarama.

Kivengere was hailed as a vibrant preacher who preached fearlessly against the evils in high handed Idi Amin.

He was fluent in several languages, and was one of the main speakers at an event called “Eurofest ’75” held at the 1958 World Fair site in Brussels, Belgium. He spoke alongside Argentinian evangelist Luis Palau and Dr Billy Graham.

While in exile he wrote several books like Jesus Our Reality (1973), The Spirit is Moving (1979) and When God Moves (1976). He also co-wrote, with Dorothy Smoker, Hope for Uganda and the World: The Secret Rehabilitation (1980), Love Unlimited (1975) and Revolutionary Love (1983) and the famous one I Love Idi Amin (1977) where he emphasised   the qualities of forgiveness.

In 1983 he became the first bishop to ordain female priests.

His wife Merabu Kivengere also died in 2010 aged 92 years and was buried next to him at the same cathedral.




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