Kibuli Appoints New Mufti Supreme Mufti

The late Shk Zubaior Kayongo has been replaced Shk Suleman Kasule Ndiringwa

An altercation ensued on Wednesday between staff of two major bus companies in eastern Uganda over travel discounts.

Police was called in to restore calm in the Mbale bus park after a fist fight erupted between the workers YY Coaches and those Oxygen bus company over passengers.

The trouble came when Oxygen Bus Company announced that they would be transporting passengers to Kampala at no cost.

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Police was called into the terminal to calm the fighting staff

Police was called into the terminal to calm the fighting staff

With just under two weeks to Christmas, about it most bus companies usually struggle to get passengers to the Capital as most people are travelling back home for the festivities.

Inside the bus park, here the YY bus staff were incensed to see the few available passengers scrambling for Oxygen buses for the free ride to Kampala.

The outcome was rough brawl that only subsided when police officers were called to the terminal, to restore calm.

The Kibuli Muslim faction on Friday named the new Supreme Mufti to replace the late Sheikh Zubair Kayongo who died in mid-April this year.

Sheikh Suleman Kasule Ndiringwa who has been the Kampala district Khadi and a prominent figure in the Muslim rival group, visit was announced at their headquarters in Kibuli as the new Supreme Mufti.

Sheikh Kayongo died from Agakhan hospital in neighboring Tanzanian capital Dare salaam on 16th April1015 and was temporarily succeeded by the 1st Deputy Sheikh Mahmud Kibaate who served in the acting position till today.

Sheikh Kibaate has maintained his original position and is now deputized by Sheikh Habiib Kabasa according to the same announcement.

Meanwhile the controversial motor mouthed Nuhu Muzaata Batte is now the new spokesman of the Kibuli faction replacing Sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Kiirya who was gunned down mysteriously in June.

Sheikh Kirya is the last Muslim figure to be assassinated on 30st June 2015 in Bwoyogerere.

A disciplinary council of five members has also been constituted led by Sheikh Ahmada Mukasa and deputized by Hajji Muhammad Kisambira.

Addressing the press after the announcement, Sheikh Ndirangwa promised to struggle for the unity among Muslims in Uganda.

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