Kibaale Land Wrangles: MP, LC5 Boss Lock Horns

MP Barnabas Tinkasiimire is accusing the Kibaale district Chairman Peter Amara of orchestrating a plan to steal Shs 22 billion in fake land compensation

Land ownership challenges in the new Kagadi District and its mother Kibaale, buy have hit new highs as the Member of Parliament for Buyaga West County Barnabas Tinkasimire accuses the LC5 chairperson Kibaale Peter Amara of conning residents.

According to documents seen by our reporter, titled “complaints of compensation and land grabbing” Amara expresses concern that some people have acquired land titles covering large areas which are occupied by customary tenants and some have applied to Uganda Lands Commission for compensation.

The LCV chairperson recently reached out to the Office of the President seeking compensation of ‘residents’ affected by the problem of land titles.

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The letter to the Presidency also bears the stamp and signature of the then Deputy RDC who is now the acting RDC Kagadi District Moses Nuwagaba.

However, Nuwagaba told the media that he has no knowledge of the document and suspects that his signature was forged.

While addressing the media this week, MP Tinkasiimire complained that instead of Chairman Amara representing the people who are affected by the land grabbing in Mpeefu Sub County and other parts of Kibaale the greater, he presented other land titles which included absentee landlords Sipira Zirivuga, Anah Nantongo Buyaga, Kalete Antwana and Sam Sseguya among others.

These are claiming up Shs 22billion in compensation.

RDC Moses Nuwagaba has since written to the office of the president to scrutinize the documents and investigate the allegations that Chairman Amara changed the compensation of lands of absentee landlords to his own land titles.

Appearing on one of the radio stations in Kagadi, Amara said that the documents were signed by the former deputy RDC Kibaale Emmy Ngabirano.

However, Ngabirano also distanced himself from the documents, clarifying that he left the office in November last year and the document is indicating 2nd of November 2016.

Resident have since now started to pile pressure on the chairman demanding proper compensation of their land.

The land in question was grabbed by the family of former LC5 Chairman George William Namyaka together with his family illegally that attracted the office of the president to intervene and ordered for the cancellation of the land titles.


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