Kenyatta Names New Heads of Gov’t Parastatals

Kenyatta addressing Parliament early this year

Former Prime Minister and presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi has slammed the NRM secretariat, price saying it does not have the mandate to register new members.

“It’s only the party branches at the village level which are responsible for recruiting and registration of new members and not the secretariat, ” said Mbabazi who was recently toppled as the ruling party’s Secretary General.

“It is the responsibility of the village branches to maintain the members’ register and then pass a copy to the district office,” he added.

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“I know a lot of rumours are going on but when I speak about it, some people will become ashamed of what they say.”

Mbabazi made the remarks on Monday morning while meeting a group of his supporters from Mbarara at his residence in Kololo, Kampala.

It was alleged Mbabazi refused to hand over the register to the party’s top leadership after NRM refused to clear a debt used for its compilation in 2010.

Mbabazi also used the opportunity to blast his critics inside NRM who have been accusing him of concealing the register:

“I have no problem with registration because since 2010 many members have died whereas others have joined the party. But the NRM register made in 2010 is in place and available to the party. It’s only people without enough information making allegations that we (family) hid it.”

Mbabazi’s comments come at a time when the party is preparing for a massive registration of new members across the country.

On Tuesday, NRM National Party Chairman President Museveni will be the first party member to be registered in the country-wide exercise that he will launch at Kaunda grounds in Gulu Municipality.

After the launch, the Secretariat will camp in the northern region to conduct the zonal conferences starting Thursday. The exercise will also cover Karamoja region.

Mbabazi denied reports linking the register saga to Nina Mbabazi.

“I hear there is a matter in court over payments that led to confiscation of the register but it’s false to say Nina Mbabazi is sitting on it and is demanding payment. It is true she contributed to its drafting but she is not its custodian,” said Mbabazi.

The registration of members will mark a huge step forward in its preparations for the 2016 national elections.
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled the names of new heads of parastatals, page Chimp Corps report.

The 302 Appointments to 79 State Corporations were carried in a Special Issue of the Kenya Gazette, Vol. CXVII-No. 43 published on Monday 27 April 2015.

Dozens of leaders of government bodies were forced to step aside due to their alleged role in the Anglo-leasing scandal.

Kenyatta’s decision to get rid of the suspected officials also came against the backdrop of a comprehensive appraisal of all State Corporations in terms of capacity, staffing and management practices.

The processes, which took nearly 18 months, are now complete

Following the Presidential Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms, the Administration assessed the strengths and weaknesses in the Structure and Operations of Parastatals, interrogated the policies on the management and governance of the parastatals with the aim of determining how best they would contribute to the pursuit of national development aspirations, facilitating the transformation of our country into a great land of prosperity and opportunity for all.

In that context, Kenyatta today announced the first batch of appointments to State Corporations in line with the government’s Transformative Agenda for Kenya.

The appointments reflect regional balance with all 47 Counties represented in honour of the diversity of all people and communities of Kenya.

Officials said the appointments also comply with the constitutional imperatives on the appointment of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities.

The Administration said it was committed to empowering our women, youth and persons with disabilities.

Click on the link below for full details of the new appointments


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