Kenyatta: Let’s Confront Corruption head-on to Save Kenya

Kenyatta addressing business leaders when he chaired the 5th KEPSA Presidential Roundtable meeting on Friday at State House, Nairobi

President Museveni, information pills information pills who is also the NRM Presidential flag bearer, cheap has on his 5th day of the campaign revealed that government will construct two boreholes in each village and repair broken ones saying that this will go a long way in solving water shortage during the dry season and provide access to clean water.

“Government will build two boreholes in each village. It is the work of government to repair and maintain these boreholes, hospital ” he said.

The President was Friday addressing a mammoth crowd at Omoge Primary School in Bala sub county, Kole South Constituency.

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Candidate Museveni who received an overwhelming welcome by the supporters in Bala, urged the people to vote and keep NRM in power saying that the party has been tested and delivered to the expectation of majority Ugandans.

Museveni said that NRM has numerous achievements that include peace and security in the entire country, infrastructure, development, Health and education among others.

He said the Masindi Port-Rwenkunyu-Apac to Gulu will among others be tarmacked.

Crowds cheering on President Museveni

Crowds cheering on President Museveni

At the rally, some of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) stalwarts pledged support to President Museveni owing to the peace and stability brought by NRM government.

“Since UPC doesn’t have a Presidential Candidate, people should vote for Museveni because of the good things his government has done such as rural electrification, good roads and money for the elderly,” said Acheng Joy Ruth, MP Kole district.
President Museveni. who is also the Presidential flag bearer of the National Resistance Movement, ask has said the Movement government having taken Uganda through several development phases, medicine will in the coming five years focus on socio-economic transformation of the country mainly on poverty eradication and job creation.

Addressing a campaign rally at Ibuje Primary school in Maruzi County, Apac district on Friday afternoon, the President said after bringing about national unity, guaranteeing security and peace, rehabilitating the economy and national infrastructures, the next phase will be causing national transformation by supporting policies and programs that aim at eradicating household poverty and job creation.

Mr. Museveni said that in this transformation phase government is to increase funding in the agricultural sector especially the NAADS program to ensure that the population boosts their incomes from agriculture that must be commercial and profit oriented.

President Museveni further said to solve unemployment and fighting poverty government will further boost micro-credit support programs by increasing funding in the sector targeting the youth and the women.

“We have already put money in the youth fund and Shs 7 billion in the women fund we are going to direct more resources to these programs so as to reach as many people as possible,” he said.

Mr. Museveni said that the National Resistance Movement has managed to develop the country with limited resources by prioritizing the major sectors of the economy and today was the time to even do more since the national resource basket is bigger than ever before.

“The culture of prioritization is very important. You need to adopt it even in your own homes because you can’t do all things at the same time but you must sequence them in the order of their importance or else you fail to deliver anything,” he observed.

“We for example put 200 billion in NAADS and we know that it’s not enough but we invest Shs3,000 billion annually in the road sector because it’s a much bigger national priority that touches every citizen and all sectors of the economy.”

Museveni announced that government has secured funds to tarmac the road from Rwenkunyu, Masindi port, Apac, Lira, Palanga up to Acholi Bur.
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has met with business leaders under the umbrella group KEPSA, buy where they resolved to confront corruption head-on.

The Presidential roundtable was also attended by Deputy President William Ruto, about it cabinet ministers, check and members of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) at State House.

Officials said the Friday engagement was was candid, frank, open and passionate over the challenges and manifestations of corruption – real and perceived.

After the meeting where members of Kepsa were also accused of perpetrating the vice especially in parliament, President Kenyatta immediately constituted a multi-sectoral committee comprising  the executive, several ministries, departments and the private sector to map out a  national strategy to combat graft which the meeting described as an “untameable beast”.

The newly constituted committee comprises the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, Joseph Kinyua, Cabinet secretaries for National Treasury, Industrialization, Interior and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The other members  to the committee  include the Chief Executive Officer of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission  Halakhe  Waqo  and representatives from the Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs).

The rest will be drawn from the legislature, and the media.

Kepsa will nominate its own members to the team which  has one week to come up with a framework including a strategy and plan on how to overcome corruption in the country. Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury  Henry Rotich will lead the team.

“We need to come up with concrete and comprehensive measures to confront corruption. Whatever the team recommends is what we shall implement to defeat corruption,” said the President after listening to views and several proposals by members of Kepsa whom he had earlier asked to be open and frank.

The President said graft has created the perception that Kenya is irredeemably corrupt.

“We need to take this issue of corruption very seriously .We need to change the perception that Kenya is the most corrupt country,” he said.

The President said the issue of graft was not about any individuals but about reclaiming the reputation and integrity of the country.

“It is about our future as a country, our dignity and integrity need to be protected and preserved,” he added


The President said corruption is frustrating many initiatives of the government.

EACC CEO Halake Waqo had earlier given a brief about the status of corruption in the country reporting that 70 per cent of graft was in areas of procurement while 20 per cent was over bribery issues.

He said for the first time, a total of 286 corruption related cases were being handled by the courts —the largest number ever, and a clear sign that the battle against corruption was enhanced.

“This shows we are working although the adjudication process is still slow on matters corruption”, said Waqo who also raised concerns over low conviction rates, lenient sentencing  and lower level fines whereas the law has option of an upwards of Sh 800,000, seven years in jail or both on conviction of offenders.

Waqo also raised concerns that the law currently only punishes public servants yet  the private sector was a key driver to corruption.

He was also concerned that corruption offenders “ have deep pockets” and hire the best legal minds to represent them  as compared to state prosecutors.

Moving forward, the EACC will hire the best investigators and also put legal measures in place for asset recovery, locally and all those stashed abroad by liaising  with foreign governments.

KEPSA leaders including chairman Dennis Awori and CEO Carole Kariuki promised that the private sector was committed to partner with the government to tame corruption.

Leader of Majority Aden Duale raised a red flag when he accused the private sector of being the greatest perpetrators of in graft parliament by  paying MPs and bribing respective committee members to pass petitions in which they had interest.

He gave the example of the Excise Duty Bill where some Kepsa members reportedly spent more than 100 million shillings to influence committee members.

Mr Duale said the issue of corruption is now being used to fight the president adding there is need to fast-track a new anti-bribery bill developed by the private sector, and which ensures that both the private sector and culpable government officials are punished if found guilty of the vice.

Duale further accused the judiciary of being  the perpetrator of the corruption in Kenya adding there is need to audit the investigators in the  Office of the DPP.

Besides corruption, the Kepsa meeting also discussed  the improved ease of doing business in Kenya and favourable  ratings by international agencies including the World Bank, entrepreneurship and the new legislations related to companies.

The meeting underlined the urgency to come up with measures to promote the manufacturing of affordable products including clothing to check on the importation of cheap ones and counterfeits.

The leather industry was given special attention where the President challenged the private sector to do whatever it takes to ensure Kenya produces finishes goods instead to having to import shoes and military boots from other countries.

He said the government is ready to provide favourable incentives to investors interested to put their money in this sector.


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