Kenyatta, Kagame: Africa the New Haven for Business

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta

A portion of players from Kenya premier league champions, about it Gor Mahia FC have  blamed the team management for the poor manner in which they handled Ugandan defender Israel Emuge after he lost his son.

According to Futaa, viagra approved the defender had earlier on requested the team for a sum of approximately Ushs.230, treat 000 to treat his son. His plea fell on deaf ears.

Sooner than later the tragedy befell him.

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Gor Mahia chairman, Mr. Ambrose Rachier, who also doubles as the KPL chairman then gave him a total of Ushs. 450,000 (which was double what he needed for treatment) to aid the Ugandan in burial expenses.

“Emuge lost his son but management didn’t help him in any way till today. Even as players, we knew and wanted to contribute but we couldn’t do that because normally it’s the captain who informs us and the mode of contributing and the amount but nobody told us just when we were preparing to fly to Congo for the return leg yet his son had died on that Tuesday (31st March),” one of the concerned players told the Kenyan media house on condition of anonymity.

The team’s captain, Jeremy Onyango, partly disregarded the reports, claiming that the players and the technical bench helped him.

“We were to do something as a club yes, but as players and technical bench we talked to him (Emuge) and did what we could.  So if the office maybe didn’t do anything for him I am not aware.”

The chairman on his part said that despite the club’s financial constraints the player was given help,

“Yes we are aware that Israel Emuge was bereaved and am glad that you are talking about the club didn’t t do much, that has got two points in it, one, we did something, he may not consider it sufficient but we gave him payment not from the club but from well-wishers including myself so the amount are things that somebody judges, maybe you expect 200 000 shillings and we give you 100 000 shillings so you say we have not done much,” Rachier reiterated.

He further added that, “Secondly as a club we are struggling, so for those reasons we gave him what we could which may not have been what he expected and number three, as you know in matters of funeral, really, it’s a collective effort, it’s not a club’s responsibility, the club can only give something and others also do the way we did and the club made a donation too.”

Walusimbi’s plight

Still in Gor Mahia’s camp, Uganda Cranes defender, Godfrey Walusimbi’s agent has hinted that they (Walusimbi and the agent) are considering terminating his contract with the Kenyan champions on grounds of non-payment.

“I know very well that he is not being paid so if he is not getting paid we shall have to terminate the contract.”

Mr. Rachier responded bullishly by saying that he didn’t know about the issue but the player could leave he wanted and Gor Mahia will still get more players.

“I haven’t received any communication of that sort but we are always prepared. Any player can terminate the contract. It’s always open and we get going with others who may come in to fill the positions.”

Walusimbi has been instrumental two consecutive successful league campaigns for the team which is also home to Khalid Aucho.
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged American businesses to ignore untruths about Africa and invest in the continent.

President Kenyatta said Africa is a place of diverse countries and peoples, page with considerable opportunities for trade and investment.

The President made the remarks in a video address to the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles in California, the United States on Wednesday.

A team of Kenyan Government officials and private sector representatives are at the conference.

“I invite you to engage them, and see how we can work together. This conference is a superb opportunity to replace the older, darker view with a more accurate picture on Africa,” the President said.

The President said the country has made substantial investments in infrastructure – the Mombasa port is being expanded, a new standard-gauge railway running from Mombasa to Uganda is being built and a new port in Lamu is under construction.

“We are the gateway to Africa; its ninth-largest economy; and the heart of a community of 150 million people. We aim to make the most of these advantages,” President Kenyatta said.

He said Kenya is keen to form partnerships in ICT, agriculture, energy, financial services and manufacturing.

The President pointed out that though the country has the best Internet connectivity in Africa, more could be done from the experience of others.

“There is potential for partnerships in energy, especially because Kenya has perhaps half of Africa’s potential geothermal power,” President Kenyatta also said.

He described Africa as the second-fastest growing continent as demographics and technological shifts have clearly shown.

Saying young people and cities often drive innovation and growth, President Kenyatta disclosed that Africa will soon have about one billion young Africans of working age and over 100 cities of at least a million people each.

The President said Africa has adopted technology that has eased old challenges, adding: “There are as many as one and a half times as many mobile-phone users in Africa as in the US.”

With Africa’s economic management better and political and economic risk ratings in line with the BRICs, President Kenyatta said the importance of economic and political stability cannot be under-rated.

President Kagame at the Milken Institute Global Conference held in Los Angeles on Monday

President Kagame (C) at the Milken Institute Global Conference held in Los Angeles on Monday

He said reforms in various countries in the continent have revived African solidarity.

“We have renewed our conviction that if we stand together, we can solve our problems and earn the prosperity and freedom that we deserve,” he said.

The President, who has been at the forefront in regional integration, said the continent with support of friends and partners and has the second-best rate of return in the world.

The conference brings together distinguished leaders and entrepreneurs. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is among key speakers.

Kagame speaks out

Addressing leaders from a variety of sectors including infrastructure, renewable energy, finance and ICT, President Kagame highlighted the role of business in creating prosperity:

“The urgency to act is not only about businesses having returns. It is about what businesses leave behind and how many lives are transformed. The more lives are transformed, the better it is for business.”

President Kagame added that although perceived risks far outnumber real risks when it comes to investing Africa, it is the responsibility of government to reduce risks to a minimal level and decrease the cost of doing business.

Sharing the example of the one area network that reduced roaming fees between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda’s mobile operators and led to a 300% increase in subscribers, President Kagame emphasized the role of political will in implementing policies that can benefit both citizens and the private sector.


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