Kenyatta: Jubilee Won’t be Derailed by Opposition Propaganda

Kenyatta addressing Jubilee supporters on Friday

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said propaganda and falsehoods by the opposition will at no time derail Jubilees development agenda for the country.

He criticized the opposition for weaving scandals and blaming the jubilee government for them in a narrative aimed at derailing jubilee’s re-election agenda.

President Kenyatta, find however emphasized that the outcome of the 2017 general elections will be decided on the strength of the government’s performance and not propaganda and falsehoods.

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The President as the Jubilee Party leader who on Friday was addressing the inaugural Jubilee Party National Governing Council at the Bomas of Kenya, recipe urged jubilee supporters to stay the cause of development and avoid being distracted by the negative opposition narratives. The Deputy President Ruto also addressed the meeting.

“We do not want to engage in the opposition game of propaganda, insults, demonstrations and guesswork, we want to move forward, we shall not be distracted from our set goals by negative propaganda,” said Kenyatta.

The President made it clear that in line with democratic practices, he supported the existence of opposition parties in the country, but hastened to add that political parties should compete on  party policies and  not on account of  tribal, regional, religious  or racial backgrounds.

The government has in recent weeks attacked newspapers over the extensive coverage of a corruption scandal in the health ministry.

Government responded by dragging the Daily Nation to the media council for disciplinary action.

But Kenyatta said it was unfortunate that due to lack of a development agenda for the country, the opposition was weaving imaginary scandals to get a platform on which to campaign and endear themselves to the voters ahead of the general elections.

“We want to compete on policy issues. Those who are engaging in violence, propaganda, and insults have nothing to show for the many years they have been in positions of responsibility in this country, they only thrive in poverty and divisions,” the President added.

Deputy President Ruto noted that Jubilee’s development record is unprecedented in the country’s history adding Kenyans were wise enough to differentiate between a performing government and the opposition whose main pre-occupation is insults, demonstrations and propaganda.

He chided the opposition for questioning the source of money  that Jubilee is using for the development of the country saying  Kenyans are instead questioning  what  they did  with the  massive resources  they had  during the many years  they  were in  the cabinet.

“Even with this development, our competitors are asking where we get our money, we are asking them when they were in government what did they do with the money?” The Deputy President posed.


President Kenyatta and his Deputy emphasized that the Jubilee nominations for next year’s general elections will be free and fair adding that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) would conduct the nominations.

“Let us not be unduly concerned with party positions rather we should set our eyes on what we as Jubilee can do for our country to move forward.”

President Kenyatta noted that Jubilee traces its origin after the aftermaths of  2007- 2008 post election violence when  the  main protagonists in the violence decided that no Kenyan will again shed blood on account of political competition.

“We decided that whether we lost or won no Kenyan would kill another because they belonged to different political persuasions. By God’s grace and with votes from Kenyans we formed a government which speaks with one voice,” said Kenyatta.

And added: “We are committed to work for those who voted for us and those who voted for the opposition, we did not want to be vindictive to anyone and have brought everyone on board.”

He enumerated some of the success stories of the Jubilee   government noting  that  the Standard  Gauge  Railway was nearing completion, medical equipment have been installed in county referral hospitals  improving medical services in government health institutions tremendously and security has  also been improved after government bought  vehicles  and other equipment for the police.

The President  further said to level the field in the provision of education to the youth of this country, the government had abolished examination fees  at both class eight and form four level adding the government had paid examination fees for all the 1.5 million students sitting  for their exams this year.

“We have opened previously inaccessible regions of this country by building proper road networks that have enabled goods and services to move faster across the country,” he said.

On devolution, the President said the national government had released about I trillion shillings to the countries since 2013.

He also spoke about electricity connectivity saying as at now 5.2 million Kenyans had been connected to electricity compared to 2.3 million in 2013.

The National Governing Council approved the team which will consult with the President and his Deputy and come up with a campaign programme for the Jubilee Party. The team comprises of party members from all  the 47 counties.


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