Kenyatta: Expanded Freedoms Can Be Recipe for Destruction

Kenyatta arrives at Nyayo National Stadium where he led the nation in commemorating the sixth Mashujaa Day on Wednesday

Resident District Commissioner Rubirizi District, case Joseph Kule Muranga has threatened to arrest parents of Nyabubare primary school in Rutoto, and Bunyaruguru County for stopping children from schooling.

The parents last week blocked over 290 pupils from going to the school since Monday, drug in protest of the transfer of a grade three teacher who has been the acting head teacher of the school for two years.

During a stakeholders meeting at Nyabubare Islamic primary school, Mr. Kule said parents are supposed to support government programs like UPE and not sabotaging them over an such a tiny issue built on an individual.

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Such individualism he said was the reason for the death of dozens of people in neighboring Kanungu district, who were burnt by cult leader Joseph Kibwetere.

“We are now going to arrest you one by one, even if it means rounding up the who village,”

The district education officer Biru Warufu advised parents to bring back their children to start preparing for the coming PLE exams in November.

He said Mr. Swaibu Bitwababo can only be a teacher at the school but not a head teacher since he lacks qualifications.

The meeting was attended by the district Kadhi, chairman LCV chairman Rubirizi district, RDC,  CAO, DEO, DPC, DISO, Rutoto sub county chief, Chairman LC3, opinion leaders in the district, teachers and parents of Nyabubare Islamic primary school.

The Parents hold that the transferred head teacher had shown ability to restore the school, which got its first Grade One pupils in last year’s national exams.
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged political leaders at all levels to avoid utterances that may undermine peace and cohesiveness in the country.

President Kenyatta said Kenyans should strive to build a better country at all times saying irresponsible talk will only cause irreparable damage to Kenya’s socio-economic fabric.

“While we must play our different roles, discount we must do so in a manner that promotes the unity and cohesiveness of our nation at all levels, ” he said.

The President spoke Wednesday at Nyayo National Stadium where he led the nation in commemorating the sixth Mashujaa Day.

The Head of State pointed out that the expanded and new freedoms granted to Kenyans by the Constitution should be exercised with responsibility.

“We must tread carefully for freedom places a huge requirement on every citizen to act responsibly,” the President said.

He added: “I am saddened and dismayed that at times our actions suggest a people who have forgotten that with freedom come onerous responsibilities to fellow citizens and us.”

Kenyatta was apparently referring to the opposition which has in recent days held rallies to denounce government programmes.

In some instances, opposition figures have been faulted for using inflammatory speeches to incite violence among Kenyans.

The President said time had come for all Kenyans to carefully consider individual, institutional and collective responsibilities towards each other and the nation.

“Without understanding and appreciating our responsibilities, our expanded freedoms mean nothing. Indeed, they can easily become a recipe for the destruction of the future that we all so earnestly seek to build,” President Kenyatta said.

He reminded Kenyans of their obligation to secure the future of the nation by practicing the values that bind ‘us as a nation and which aspire for common good’.

On its part, President Kenyatta said, the Government has developed and adopted Sessional Paper No. 9 on National Cohesion and Integration whose implementation will help the country to address some of the challenges hindering national cohesion and integration.

He said the Government will also facilitate structuring of Elders’ Councils from the village to the national level to enable them promote national values and harmonious co-existence in their respective communities.

“My Government recognizes the key role played by community elders in alternative dispute resolution processes, youth mentorship and augmenting on conflict management within the diverse ethnic, religious and racial groups residing in the country,” the President said.

“As a country, we must look up to the values our forefathers espoused and finally delivered our country from the yoke of colonialism and domination,” said President Kenyatta.

The President called for a sober and honest reflection on the numerous challenges facing the country ranging from terrorism to crime affecting homes and neighbourhoods and how best they could be resolved.

The President inspecting a guard of honour at the stadium

The President inspecting a guard of honour at the stadium


“Terrorism and radicalization of our youth represents an existential threat to our young Nation. Ethnic and clan conflicts, continue to undermine peace and security,” he observed, adding that these challenges undermine national cohesion and integration.

“They are diverting vital resources that would otherwise be used to grow the economy and improve the lot of our fellow citizens,” he said.

The Head of State noted that such challenges are a threat to both individual and collective efforts as they erode the gains achieved so far.

He expressed satisfaction that his Government’s efforts in addressing them are bearing fruit and through domestic, regional and global engagements new economic opportunities are emerging for Kenyans and East African residents.

“My brothers and sisters, it is my Government’s sincere hope that we will spend more time seeking to leverage these opportunities and less on sterile activities that detract us from where we should be heading as a nation,” said President Kenyatta.

He urged all Kenyans to collectively confront vices that derail them from the path of progress and prosperity.

“We must deplore and reject negative traits in all their manifestations. Kenyans must cease the culture of tolerating each other and instead begin to celebrate one another united by a common bond of nationhood and sense of destiny,” he said.


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