Kenyans Cross to Uganda for Medical Care

Kenyans have reportedly been crossing to various districts in Eastern Uganda to get treatment

An unknown number of Kenyans have reportedly been crossing to Uganda to get medical services.

The Kenyans according to reports were compelled to cross the border following a sit down strike by medics in the neighboring country.

The doctors there have been on strike since Monday last week, hospital protesting against their government, pilule failure to implement a three-year old collective bargaining agreement.

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Health services in Kenya were devolved to the new counties, causing protests by health workers who rejected the move, saying health services should remain with national government.

The Kenyan government has since deployed military doctors to fill the gap of the striking medics in some of the main hospitals in the country.

At the Uganda-Kenya border point of Suam, a number of Kenyans have been crossing into the district of Bokwo to seek health services.

These are reportedly coming from the areas of Trans-Nzoia, West Pokot and Turkana counties in western Kenya.

Kenyan media quoted one of the locals saying that healthcare is a key and urgently needed.

“It is a time where the neighbor’s help is much needed, public health facilities across this region are closed and without doctors forcing us to cross over to Uganda where many people have been helped so far,” one of the residents was quoted.

Meanwhile, Pokot pastoralists in Alale and Kiwawa areas also confirmed that they had sought medical care across the border in Nakapirpirit and Amdat Districts in Uganda after they lacked the same within the country.

Turkana County residents in Oropoi and Lorrengippi areas were also reported to be crossing to Uganda’s Moroto District to seek treatment, testifying that they have received help from across the border.


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