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KENYA: Raila Odinga Protests Crushed by Security Forces

A security official charges at a crowd in Kenya on Monday

Kenya military police on Monday used force to disperse opposition protesters seeking the disbandment of the current electoral commission ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Led by CORD leader, cure Raila Odinga protesters stormed the streets of Nairobi, information pills saying they will not stop their actions until the leaders of the electoral body quit.

“The kind of violence displayed by the police on citizens exercising their democratic rights today is unacceptable, pill ” said Raila Odinga whose car windscreen was reportedly shattered by a bullet.

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Security forces chasing a suspected protester

Security forces chasing a suspected protester

“We visited and catered to the medical expenses of the victims of police brutality in various hospitals across Nairobi,” said Odinga, adding, “Kenya must remain a free society governed by respect for the Bill of Rights as enshrined in our Constitution.”

Kenyatta speaks 

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently warned opposition that even if they demonstrate for a whole year, he will not condone or take part in any “illegal action” against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The President said the violent demonstrations staged by a section of the opposition were misplaced because the law to be followed for any changes in the country’s electoral body is clear.

Several people have since sustained injuries in the latest demonstrations organised by CORD.

The armed forces crushed today's rally

The armed forces crushed today’s rally

Odinga maintains Kenya’s electoral officials have shown “ineptitude in fulfilling the constitutional obligations required of the electoral body to conduct free and fair elections administered in an impartial, neutral, efficient, accurate and accountable manner.”

However, Kenyatta pointed out that the opposition should not expect him to get involved in any action against the IEBC which does not conform to the procedures laid out in the Constitution.

“You can demonstrate as long as you want but I will not break the law like you. The Constitution is clear and if I push them out they will take me to court and they will be reinstated,” the President said.

He said he does not have any problem if the proper procedure is followed to make changes at the IEBC.

Raila Odinga and other Cord officials visiting injured protesters on Monday

Raila Odinga and other Cord officials visiting injured protesters on Monday (Photos: RAO)


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