KENYA: Odinga Assures on Change; Slams Kenyatta for ‘Buying Leaders’

odinga addressing leaders

Kenya’s opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has assured Kenyan citizens to brace themselves for change despite efforts by the current government whose leadership he describes as “corrupt, tribalistic, nepotistic and arrogant” to block the transformation.

Odinga, while meeting leaders from Kajiado, a county in Kenya on Tuesday, he assured them that “change is on the way. Change is coming to Kenya this time round.”

But the opposition leader is also aware that the transition may not be that simple, stating that “before this change can come, there will be a lot of drama.”

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“Many will fall by the wayside. Many will fall for the good things in Pharaoh’s court and forget that we were leaving Egypt for Canaan,” he added.

The comments come as Kenyans prepare themselves for a repeat presidential election on October 26 which pits Odinga against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenya’s Supreme Court voided the result of the August 8 vote on September 1, citing “irregularities and illegalities” after Odinga, the defeated opposition leader, appealed against the re-election of incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyatta, had beaten Odinga by 54 percent to 45 percent.

As the voting day draws nigh, Raila Odinga is already accusing  Kenyatta of using state resources to lure opportunistic opposition leaders to his side.

“We will not waste time trying to stop them. In fact, we are aware that Jubilee has set up a Defectors’ Fund to finance the buying of leaders and losers and create the impression that there is an exodus from NASA,” Odinga said.

“Of course the money is being stolen from the public and it is the reason the economy has stagnated and nearly all workers are on strike.”

Odinga advised Kenyans that it is neither Parliament nor Office of the President or State House that will will steer them to the change they want, but themselves.

“Change in Kenya has never come from Parliament, from the Office of the President, or from State House, or from people who want things to remain as they are; because they want to keep what they already own,” he says.

He rather says that the institutions are the ones causing a lot of pain to Kenya, opining that they were among the institutions that propagated the idea that Kenya did not need a new constitution.”

He adds: “Our quest for change as NASA therefore remains focused on the masses or the people.That is the group no money can buy. That is the team that recognises this as a struggle for eternity not for immediate gain. We shall never focus on a few leaders and election losers who are looking for how to make hay while it shines. People seeking individual gain have correctly identified that Jubilee is the place to go.”


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