Kenya Launches Program for Low Cost Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady of Kenya.

Novartis (NVS), search a company specializing in the research, remedy development, manufacturing and marketing of a range of healthcare products on Thursday announced the launch of Novartis Access in Kenya.

Novartis Access, is a first-of-its-kind portfolio of products, aimed at increasing access to medicines against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory illnesses and breast cancer in low and middle-income countries.

The Novartis portfolio is being offered to the Kenyan government, non-governmental organizations and other public-sector healthcare providers for USD 1 per treatment, per month.

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“Novartis and Kenya have a relationship of more than 40 years, so I am delighted that Kenyan patients will be the first to benefit from Novartis Access,” said Joerg Reinhardt, Chairman of the Board of Novartis.

He further said the successful implementation of the program in Kenya will be essential to guide the expansion of Novartis Access to other countries in the future.”

In conjunction with the launch of the access portfolio and to support effective treatment of chronic diseases in Kenya, Novartis will partner with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, the Kenyan Red Cross, the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK), Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and other key stakeholders.

These collaborations are intended to support the healthcare system through measures such as reinforcing drug distribution channels and training healthcare workers to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses.

During the launch, Margaret Kenyatta, the First Lady of Kenya said, “I am excited by the proactive steps being taken by our government and Novartis in the fight against cancer and other chronic diseases,”

“Novartis Access complements the advocacy campaign I have been undertaking together with other African First Ladies to expand access to prevention and treatment for people with chronic diseases,” she added.

The Novartis Access portfolio includes patented and generic Novartis medicines.

The products have been selected based on the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List and are among the most commonly prescribed medicines.

Following Kenya, Novartis Access will be launched in Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Over the coming years, Novartis plans to roll out Novartis Access to 30 countries, depending on demand.

Novartis expects this new approach to be commercially sustainable over the long term, enabling continuous support in those regions.


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