KCCA Leaders on Collision Course over City Carnival

Kcca leaders are disagreeing over the carnival money

The political leadership of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) yesterday accused the technical wing of not involving them in the organisation of this year’s city carnival.

The annual city carnival kicks off this weekend but city elected leaders led by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago wondered why the event continues to be sponsored by the private partners yet the authority can ably organize it.

“As leaders of this city, we have no stake in the preparations of the city carnival,” Lukwago said.

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“Hence private partners have the powers to determine on how it should be managed, and as a result, it has been branded a Jennifer Musisi event yet it’s supposed to be owned by the institution to reflect on our heritage as a city.”

Lukwago also questioned the decision by KCCA technical team to hire Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platinumz at Shs108m to perform at the carnival yet the proceeds from the event are supposed to renovate city schools in a poor state.

“I find it abnormal that you are paying all this money to a single artiste at the expense of our local artistes. I understand the event is being sponsored by the private sector, but why do we spend all this money to one musician?” he asked.

However, the acting deputy KCCA executive director, Samuel Serunkuuma, said event sponsors determine the choice of artistes for the event.

“All the money that will be used in the city carnival was donated by the private partners and this makes it hard for us to dictate on what must be done. However, we look forward to having the next city carnivals to be sponsored by the central government and this will help us streamline the whole exercise,” he said.

Serunkuma revealed that at least Shs1.3bn will be spent on the entire event, adding that the money collected especially from musical concerts will be used to do charity work in the city among which is renovating dilapidated schools.

However, councilors disagreed with his excuse.

According to the select committee report dated October 4 2017 which was compiled on the directive of the Lord Mayor to ascertain the manner in which the previous city carnivals were organized, it revealed that last year’s carnival was poorly planned and coordinated.

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