Kayihura Recounts Kaweesi Last Moments

Gen. Kayihura delivering his speech at the function

Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura has described slain Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi as a highly reliable officer and one that he depended on greatly for his work.

Kayihura, capsule who rushed to the murder scene in Kulambiro, cialis 40mg also supervised the securing and documentation of the evidence at the scene.

Hours later in the afternoon, he told media he had just spoken to the police mouthpiece on the phone shortly before he was gunned down by assailants outside his house; who came on a bodaboda.

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He says he called Kaweesi early in the morning asking him to issue out a response to one of “screaming” headlines in the papers today. Barely an hour later he says he was called and informed that the person he was on the phone with had been shot dead.

“Eyewitnesses told us that the killers stalked Kaweesi by disguising as though they were repairing their motorcycle,” Kayihira said.

“On spotting the vehicle, they first shot in the air to scare off possible rescuers and then shot the hind tyre, before spraying bullets on the vehicle,” he said.

The IGP said he wouldn’t deny that the police had taken a massive blow by losing AIGP Kaweesi who has been at the center of numerous successful police operations.

He also said although they were still unable to pinpoint the motive of the killers, the shooting resembled that of the previous murders of Muslim clerics and the former Senior State Prosecutor Joan Kagezi.

On this, Kayihura noted that although police haven’t apprehended all the people behind these shootings, they have made significant progress.

“For example we know the killer of Joan Kagezi; we are tracking him and we will soon out him in custody,” he said.


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