Kayihura Rallies EAPCCO Members to Operationalise African Force

Kayihura addressing EAPCCO delegates
Kayihura addressing EAPCCO delegates

The Inspector General of the Uganda Police Force (UPF), Gen. Kale Kayihura has appealed to his counterparts under the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) to embrace and fast track the operationalization of the African Police Organization (AFRIPOL).

The IGP made the call during the opening of the 35th EAPCCO organs meeting at Common Resort Munyonyo.

Kayihura began by appreciating EAPCCO secretariat for the profound work they have done in the past which has now attracted the membership to grow from three in 1988 to 14 countries.

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“I am so grateful for the application the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to join EAPCCO which is a very important Country in the continent since a lot of criminals in the continent have been using the country as to base,” Kayihura said.

Kayihura said that the 35th meeting has come at a very unique time in the region and continent shortly after the formation and launch of the police continental force the AFRIPOL which comes with enormous benefits.

EAPCCO Delegates

EAPCCO Delegates

Afripol was launched in May as an initiative of the African Union (AU) an expression of the determination of African governments and police institutions to strengthen security cooperation and face the challenges of continental crimes as a solid force.

Kayihura noted that Afripol should be embraced because of its enormous positive implications which at the same time challenge EAPCCO to re-align its operations with the continental mechanism.

“Apart from operationalizing AFRIPOL by adjusting the way we have been doing business and looking at our constitution; I would like that Africa picks it up because it is in our interest,” Kayihura said.

The police boss observed that the continental force shouldn’t be misunderstood as a rival party against Interpol but rather an initiative geared towards building strength to combat crime at national and trans-national level.

“I hope that this meeting will see how to integrate all this through building a synergy, the likes of Interpol, EAPCCO, AFRIPOL, so as to harmonize every program to avoid being seen as a wasteful synergy.”

“I reassure Interpol that we are not creating a rival party, otherwise Interpol should be the first to welcome this as a way of fighting global crime.”


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