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Kayihura Orders Sheema DPC Arrest

Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura has ordered for the arrest of the Sheema District Police Commander SP Innocent Mubangizi Innocent, web who last week released a fish smuggler.

Kayihura according to police authorities, wants the DPC charged with criminal negligence, aiding and abating crime.

DPC Mubangizi is said to have released rally driver Ponisano Rwakataka who had been arrested last Friday while smuggling  immature fish.

The rally driver was apprehended together with a truck full of immature fish in Mbarara, headed for the DRC.

He is said to have attempted to escape but police together with URA enforcement officers put up a chase and apprehended him.

Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi says there was sufficient evidence implicating the rally ace and that by releasing him, the Sheema DPC misused his powers.

“Rwakataka remains a prime suspect and will be re-arrested and charged with smuggling of immature fish and threatening violence with a fire arm,” said Kaweesi.

The police will also be revoking Rwakataka’s certificate to carry a private firearm.

“Police assures the public that it shall continue to emphasize professional standards, cooperate and support all relevant agencies in the enforcement of law and order.”


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