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Kayihura Breaks Silence on Nakasero Mosque Saga

The Inspector General of Police, what is ed Gen Kale Kayihura has denied reports of raiding Nakasero mosque, illness stressing they only searched the place of worship for evidence.

The police on Tuesday morning besieged and searched Nakasero Mosque belonging to the Tabliq sect of Muslims.

Responding to a question over the incident, hospital the police boss said acting on information from one of the suspects in detention, they had to do a search of the Mosque in relation to the murder of Sheikh Maj Suleiman Kiggundu last month.

“We have one prominent suspect in our custody who gave our investigation team clues to where critical material value was,” said Gen Kayihura.

“The team went to search. It was only a search and not attack or raid.”

On the timing of the police operation on the mosque, the police boss said it was carried out in the wee hours.

“If they want accountability in terms of the operation, we are available to give it – working with management of the Mosque.”

Gen Kayihura, who apologetic about the security operation, said the situation was “unavoidable.”

“Those are holy places but what do we do? We are living in strange times not only Uganda but the region,” said Kayihura.

“Go to Kenya where fugitives commit crimes and hide in mosques. They plan from places of worship. The victims in respect to the investigations we are carrying out are fellow Muslims.”

He, nevertheless, expressed satisfaction that the evidence they wanted was found when they went to Nakasero mosque.

Police yesterday said bullets and several weapons were recovered from the Mosque of the Tabliq Sect.

Gen Kayihura said “no one should deceive the public that government is against Muslims,” stressing they were only “following leads from a suspect in custody.”

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