Kayihura Backs Mak Closure as Students Petition Minister Janet

Students have been forced off campus by police on Wednesday (Photo by Kenneth Kazibwe)

The Inspector General of Police, about it Gen. Kale Kayihura has supported the indefinite closure of Makerere University as ‘government’s only remaining option.’

Following a demonstration by students yesterday over lack of business at the university due to striking lecturers, President Museveni on Tuesday evening ordered closure of Makerere University until further notice.

Wednesday morning, Gen. Kayihura rushed to the university campus to oversee the security after students were asked to vacate the university.

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Speaking to journalists, the police boss said it was right for government to order the closure of the university until the stalemate is done away with.

“There was really no choice by government but to close the university indefinitely,”Gen. Kayihura said.

“Government still has finance issues but the lecturers are not willing to listen to us (government). Let government get breathing space.”

He noted he was happy that students had obliged to the order by police to vacate the university to stop any further chaos that would arise.


Meanwhile, the students have decided to petition the Minister of Education and Sports, Hon Janet Kataha Museveni, protesting against the decision to close the university.

According to the Guild President Roy Ssembogga, they decided to hold a crisis meeting in which they agreed to petition the minister.

“We are the victims of the standoff between government and lecturers and it is unfair for government to punish us again by closing the university,” Ssembogga told journalists.

“To us, the matters in the petition are substantive and we ask that they are looked into by government.”

Ssembogga said there are other avenues government would explore in a bid to solve the problems of Makerere University.

Police remains heavily deployed at the university with occasional sights of students with their luggage leaving the Ivory Tower are common at Makerere.

Students who at first resisted to leave were flogged by military police.


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