Kawumba, Zawedde Off to a Good Start in Beach Woodball

Police have spoken out on the circumstances under which presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye was detained briefly at Kira road Police station, cost http://cmlsociety.org/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/widgets/em-calendar.php saying that this was only preventive.

The police at a press conference denied allegations that the FDC candidate was arrested, pill http://citizenspace.us/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-terms-list-table.php calling this baseless information.

Kampala Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told reporters at the Central Police Station that police took action in line with its constitutional mandate of maintaining sanity in the city center.

“Mr Besigye informed the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander AIGP Abassi Byakagaba  that he had a rally on Nasser road. He was advised to use Mukwano junction which Besigye defied, check
he said.

He added that Besigye decided to use Kampala road where processions where banned.

“Besigye knows very well that processions are no longer allowed in the central business area. Being that he has been uncooperative with us, we decided to escort him back to his home.”

Enanga added as a way of maintaining order in the city, the Anti-riot and Military Police were called in to disperse the rowdy crowd.

The reigning men’s beach woodball champion Ronald Kawumba got to a blistering start to his title defense  got his defense by hitting a record 38 strokes on Sunday, pilule http://cs4all.nyc/wp-admin/includes/admin.php February 14, http://citadelgroup.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/class-wc-admin-profile.php at Sports Beach Entebbe. This was the 1st Beach Woodball Circuit organised by the Uganda Woodball Federation this year.

Kawumba broke his own record of 42 strokes which he set in 2015. His Ndejje University team mates Joel Adupa and Denis Sekidde emerged second and third with 39 and 43 strokes respectively.

The ladies category was a tough one but Lilian Zawedde maintained her dominance with 49 strokes same as the other top three. The organisers were forced to base on strokes in the individual fairways to separate the top four. Sophia Namuddu, Viola Operu and Joan Mukoova finished in the other top four places respectively.

Collins Kamoga and Charles Kato were the best in men’s doubles while Zoe Woodball Club’s duo of Charity Nagaba and Flavia Navubya struck 46 to win the ladies doubles.

Humphrey Taabo of Stroke Woodball Club narrowly edged Raymond Sematta in the corporates. The two tied in strokes, but Taabo went ahead with a superior strokes per gate.

The event attracted participants from Bank of Uganda, Botladz Woodball Club, Ndejje University, St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Kisubi, Buganda Land Board, Zoe Woodball Club, Centenary Bank, Stroke Woodball Club, Ndejje Woodball Club, Ndejje Corporate Club, MUBS, Reigners Woodball Club, St. Mark’s College Namagoma, UNEB Woodball Team, Nkumba University, Ndejje S.S.S, Trinity College Nabbingo and Buganda Youth Council Nakawa.

Full results.
Men’s Singles
1. Kawumba Ronald-
Ndejje University -38
2. Adupa Joel -Ndejje University- 39
3. Ssekidde Denis – Ndejje university -43

Women’s Singles
1. Zawedde Lillian -Ndejje University -49
2. Namuddu Sophia- Ndejje Woodball -49
3. Operu Viola- Ndejje University -49
4. Mukoova Joan- Ndejje University -49

Men’s Doubles
1. Kamoga Collins & Kato Charles -Ndejje University – 41
2. Ariho Isaac & Kibuule Franco -Botladz Woodball Club -46
3. Barigye Innocent & Bbosa Bruno -Ndejje Woodball Club -46

Women’s Doubles
1. Nagaba Charity & Navubya Flavia -Zoe Woodball Club -46
2. Nabaggala Rose Sandra & Zawedde Lillian
Ndejje University -49
3. Amito Irene & Mukoya Florence
Ndejje University -51

Mixed Doubles
1. Athieno Mary & Ajoba Faustine -Ndejje University -44
2. Mukoova Joan & Ssekidde Denis -Ndejje University -45
3. Nabukalu Daniela & Atamba Onesmus -Ndejje Woodball Club -49

1. Taabo Humphrey
Stroke Woodball Club -46
2. Semata Raymond
St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Kisubi -46
3.   Ssemmanda Joseph Collins -Stroke Woodball Club -47

1. Nabbona Jessica
Stroke Woodball Club -50
2. Nantumbwe Mary -St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Kisubi -60
3. Nakkazi Ruth -Ndejje S.S.S -62

1. Osire William Likiriat & Ssemmanda Joseph
Collins- Bank of Uganda/Stroke Woodball Club-25
2. Bukenya Godfrey & Mulamba Margaret-
St. Joseph’s Technical Institute Kisubi -26
3. Kirama Philbert & Senjovu Jimmy -Ndejje Corporate Club/Reigners Woodball Club -27


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