Kaweesi: Rwenzururu Fighters Using Herbs to Repel Bullets

AIGP Kaweesi addressing journalists on Kasese clashes at Police Headquarters on Sunday. (Photo by: Paul Mugume/ChimpReports)

Attackers in the Rwenzururu rebellion are being smeared with herbs and flour which they say are bullet repellent and can protect them from any harm, this Police have said.

The revelation was made by the police spokesperson, viagra also Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Andrew Felix Kaweesi while appearing on local television show, NBS Morning Breeze on Monday.

“They (attackers) are indoctrinated. They have been convinced that the herbs smeared on them will protect them from any harm and that’s where they get the motivation to engage armed security forces,” he said.

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Kaweesi was discussing the outlook on national security in regard to the two-day Rwenzori clashes that have seen over 50 people killed.

He observed that the Rwenzururu Kingdom is using violent means to address political issues which according to him, can be solved in a better way than fighting.

“The King (Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere) knows which criteria to follow to be able to solve the issues rather than take up arms.”

Commenting on the raid at the palace which saw the king get arrested, Kaweesi said that security officials had given him time to cooperate which he didn’t do, prompting them to force their way in.

“After the battle in the villages, attackers retreated to the palace. We engaged the king, even to the higher level but he turned it down. We gave him time and when it expired, we had to flush them out,” he said.

He noted that the king was arrested ‘for his own safety’ since there was crossfire in the palace which has now been marked as a crime scene and taken over by security forces.

“I want to thank the security forces for the good work done in evacuating the king amidst cross fire. Imagine what would have happened if he was shot in the battle,” kaweesi said, adding that he will be investigated for involvement in the conflicts.

Shadow Minister for Internal affairs, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi who was also on the show decried the use of ‘excessive force’ on entering the palace which he said was uncalled for.

“We shouldn’t kill people over issues we can sort internally. Why did the security forces have to shoot people in the palace after bursting in?” he wondered.

AIGP Kaweesi however explained that on entering the palace, the royal guards opened fire on the forces which prompted them to engage with fire in self-defense.

“When we entered the palace, we found what we had anticipated. They fired at the security forces, injuring a UPDF major.”

“They (attackers) had retreated to the palace to re-strategize and get better weaponry. Many guns and improvised explosives were retrieved from inside the palace.”


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