KAWEESI: Museveni Blames Murders on Greedy Civil Servants

President Yoweri Museveni has singled out civil servants and blamed them for helping the increasing cases of murder.

Museveni yesterday expressed dismay that public servants who make up only 1% of the population have remained a thorn in government development efforts, order by pushing time and again for salary increments.

 “The public servants of all types are no more than 400000. They are just 1% of the population. The problem is these do not listen to the advice of NRM. NRM is a tested political force. We know what we say and what we do, cost ” said the president.

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Citing last week’s murder of police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, generic Museveni noted that government’s efforts to install CCTV cameras in all cities and major towns have been frustrated by the salary increment demands.

At the moment, the president noted that government pays up to Shs 4trillion every year to civil servants, yet a one-off project like camera installation would cost about Shs 400billion.

Some of Kaweesi's orphans

Some of Kaweesi’s orphans

“I have told them that they will cause problems to our country. In the NRM manifesto, I have never talked about salaries because the priories of a country like this which has emerged from chaos cannot be salaries for public servants,” he said while speaking at a vigil held at the home of the slain police mouthpiece.

“We have been intending to install cameras in major cities and towns; because with cameras the investigations become easy, especially now that all of us are registered. You can easily follow the criminals with the cameras.  That is how security is maintained in Europe and other developed countries. But here we use old methods of “Who saw him?”  “Who was here?”

Museveni went on to compare police’s investigations without CCTV as a farmer going to the garden without a hoe; adding that “This is all because of the public servants.”

“You have all these Indisciplined demands, and because I am a peaceful man, we are forced to do what we are not supposed to do. People who are dying, it’s because of public servants.

Kaweesi also left behind an unborn child

Kaweesi also left behind an unborn child

The President also blamed government’s failure to do other things like building army air force bases, because of the salaries.

“At Entebbe airport, I see our fighter jets parked together with UN planes. This is because we don’t have money to complete airbases where they should be because the money has been taken by salaries.

President Museveni late last year went to the extremity of shutting down Makerere University for two months as students prepared to start their first semester exams, after lecturers went on strike demanding for their unpaid allowances.

The president also publicly opposed salary increments for government school teachers and medical workers, saying that government should be allowed to work on its key priorities, especially infrastructure development.

At the start of his fifth term in office, the president said he would not allow parliament, (which has all powers to determine its emoluments) to increase its wages.



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