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Kaweesi Launches Crime Prevention Clubs in Schools

President Museveni has strongly criticized officers in the Ministry of Education, pill Technology, Science and Sports are who are mistreating teachers.

He sounded his displeasure on Monday at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala where he was chief guest during celebrations marking the World Teachers’ Day.

It was held under the theme: “Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies.” The event attracted teachers of all grades from Kampala, Wakiso and Entebbe Municipality.

“I am not happy with the people who are mistreating teachers. The Government can give grants to any community,” he said.

His comments were in response to complaints over the Ministry of Education officials who have frustrated Government efforts to provide Shs.25 billion to the teachers SACCOs.

He warned that those who receive donations and divert them would be arrested.

The President reiterated that the Government has donated funds to NGOs and SACCOs which are meant for the various beneficiaries.

He assured the teachers that the Government would solve the issue of the donation to their SACCOs soon.

President Museveni also had harsh words for Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and other officials who have been accused of delaying payments that are due to teachers and pensioners.

He stressed that he would not tolerate such characters. He directed the Ministry of Education to introduce grades among the teaching staff as part of the measures to motivate them.

He further directed the Ministry of Education to acquire lightning arresters to serve schools in all the regions of the country.

The directive came as a result of complaints by teachers over a number of lightning strikes/incidents that have claimed a number of lives in various schools throughout the country.

Turning to the successes that the education sector has achieved under the NRM Government.

The President said Uganda had a literacy rate of 45 percent in 1986 when the NRM came to power. He observed that as of today, it is 74 percent. He informed the celebrants that prior to 1986; the Government policy was to have an education system that was designed for a few elite people who are also well facilitated.

He revealed that the NRM Government concept was to introduce mass education which was a prerequisite to development.

He noted that the Government introduced the Universal Primary Education (UPE) when it had a work force of 80,000 teachers but noted that since the inception of the program, the number of teachers on Government payroll has clocked 160,000.

He revealed that he was happy to note that the children of Uganda were enjoying education.

Museveni told the gathering that the Government has constructed a total of 104,000 primary school classrooms using permanent materials adding that this was a big leap in comparison to only 28,000 classrooms that were available in 1986.

He was equally happy to note that the Secondary school enrolment has increased from 190,000 students to 1.5 million over the same period.

School fees

The President gave assurances that in the future, as the national economy becomes better, the matter of salary increments would be addressed.

President Museveni tasked the Uganda National Teachers’ Union do social research over the matter of people in the rural areas affording school fees.

He pledged to support their request of declaring October 5th a national public holiday.

The Commissioner of Education, who spoke on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, thanked the President for loving teachers.

He said that 500 Head teachers were currently being trained in leadership skills in the eastern region adding that plans were underway to empower the Schools’ inspection program.

The Chairperson of UNATU, Mrs. Margaret Rwabushaija, saluted President Museveni for his decision to facilitate the teachers’ SACCOs with Shs 25 billion.

She reported that they have not reaped from the donation due to some Ministry of Education officials failing to perform their roles.

The General Secretary of UNATU, James Tweheyo saluted, President Museveni for introducing UPE and USE.
In its efforts to reduce crime levels in the country, approved Police have launched Crime Preventers Clubs in secondary schools.

This was at a function held at the International University of East Africa on Monday morning and officiated by the Assistant Inspector of Police in Charge of Human Resource, Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

“It’s our historical mission if we are to support security at all levels right from the grassroots to the top. We are not exceptional as many countries like USA, China, Israel have similar settings that help them fight crime,” Kaweesi said.

“Traditional methods of ensuring security have since collapsed but there is need for concerted effort to rejuvenate them.”

According to the former Police Operations Commander, there is need to complement other security organs and men in uniform and this task can only be done through crime prevention at all levels.

“Uganda and Kampala have always been ranked as some of the safest countries and cities in the world but this has not been due to only police and other men in uniform. The efforts by the civilians too count for this trend.”

He added: “It is high time that all levels take the initiative by its horns so that it succeeds.”

The police Human Resource boss said students in schools can form crime prevention clubs amongst themselves and these would be of great use in detecting and fighting strikes, abuse by teachers, fire outbreaks and all kinds of school-related crimes.

Kaweesi addressing the gathering in Kampala on Monday (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/CR)

Kaweesi addressing the gathering in Kampala on Monday (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/CR)

He said with time everyone in the society would be able to understand how the concept of crime prevention operates and this would ensure a safe and crime free country.

“No one should deceive us that Uganda is going to end today or tomorrow. We should therefore embrace all efforts aimed at ensuring that the country is safe for all of us.”


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