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Kaweesi Killing: Gen Tumukunde Can’t Rule out New Insurgent Mov’t in Uganda

A new armed movement could be operating in Uganda, diagnosis Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has warned.

The remarks come against the backdrop of police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s assassination near his residence in Kulambiro, viagra Kampala this past Friday.

Kaweesi was gunned down by what Tumukunde described as “courageous and possibly experienced” assassins.

Appearing on NTV talk show, Fourth Estate on Sunday, Tumukunde revealed that the confidence and temerity exhibited by Kaweesi’s killers bore all the hallmarks of a sophisticated militant network.

“There could be a new force,” said the visibly worried Tumukunde.

“This new force hits between gaps like professional or advanced terrorists do,” he added.

“In this case, therefore, what should engage us is isolating this enemy and tackling them,” Tumukunde emphasised.

The battle-hardened General participated in the 5-year NRA war that propelled President Museveni to power in 1986.

He would later serve as Director of Internal Security and Chief of Military Intelligence – UPDF.

During his reign as CMI boss, Tumukunde was credited for successfully running operations against rebel ADF bombers in Kampala city.

He would, however, fall out of favour after refusing to support President Museveni’s third term in office.

He was briefly jailed in what was seen as a punitive measure against what was called an “undisciplined” officer.

Having worked tooth and nail in the 2016 Museveni presidential campaigns, Tumukunde was returned as National Security Minister.

But his docket is said to be grappling with financial challenges as police continue to get a huge chunk for intelligence operations.

Tumukunde did not specify which new military movement could be working to undermine the government.

Demoralising opponents

He, however, posited that Kaweesi’s killers belong to an armed group that chose its best operative to take out the police chief to “dishearten your opponents.”

Tumukunde said Uganda security agencies will have to deal with different patterns of crimes, warning that Kaweesi’s killing signaled a new trend such as the rise of ISIS from Al Qaeda.

He admitted that police were investing heavily in dealing with political crimes and not paying equally enough attention to violent criminality.

“We now have a new threat which is terrorism,” said Tumukunde, adding, government must deal with it decisively.

Addressing mourners at Kaweesi’s burial on Sunday, President Museveni vowed to “hunt down and kill Kaweesi’s killers.”

He warned: “If they don’t want to die, they should surrender. But even after surrendering, I don’t know what will happen next because they have killed our people.”


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