Kavuma Blocks Parliamentary Investigation into Oil Cash Bonanza

Justice, Stephen Kavuma

Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma has Monday issued an interim order barring Parliament from investigating the controversial ‘Shs 6 billion Presidential handshake’ to Uganda Revenue Authority officials and other government big shots.

“An interim order is hereby issued restraining parliament, cure any person or authority from investigating, questioning or inquiring into the impugned bonus payments and or staying any proceedings of whatever nature, ” read part of the order from Kavuma.

The order follows an application filed by a one Eric Sabiiti, a legal officer with the Electoral Commission who described the investigation as illegal.

Sabiiti argues that investigations into a decision taken by the President is an illegal act and an interference with the work of the executive.

“It is an interference with exercise of executive powers and violation of the doctrine of separation of powers which contravenes and is inconsistent with the Constitution,” says Sabiiti in his petition.

Kavuma's interim order bares any person from investigating, inquiring or questioning into the matter.

Kavuma’s interim order bars any person from investigating, inquiring or questioning into the matter.

Sabiiti’s sought interim order, he says, was to block parliament from discussing on its floor the said matter, a process that was already in motion.

Speaking to ChimpReports on Monday evening, Mr Sabiiti said the interim order holds until his main application is determined by the same court.

“My main application is basically to  stop Parliament or any other institution or individual including you (media) from discussing or investigating this matter at all,” Sabiiti told us.

“If you do will shall hold you in contempt of court,” he added.


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