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Kateregga Murder: Cop Uncovers Plot to Clean Up Blood at Panamera

Desh Kananura

Rakai District CIID boss D/ASP Grace David, ask has pinned city socialite and rally driver Desh Kananura with four others including his brother Raymond Kananura of torturing the Late Badru Kateregga before he was murdered.

While appearing before Justice Joseph Murangira at Buganda Road Court on Tuesday, diagnosis David revealed to court that during the month of September 2012 when the incident took place, information pills he was serving as the Kira Road Police Division CID and the investigating officer of the murder case.

“On September 18, 2012, I went to Panamera Bar referred to as a scene of crime by then and my role was to allocate duties to investigators. I knew Andrew Desh Kananura as the proprietor of this bar as well as his brother Raymond Kananura (co-accused) because they worked together at this bar,” the police told Court.

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Grace said he came to know about Raymond after Kateregga’s murder.

The officer revealed to court that on his arrival at the crime scene, he found a number of police officers and Desh who was with his brother, Raymond.

Desh informed the detective that one of his workers had been engaged in a fight with unknown people leading to his (Kateregga) death.

“The body was dressed in a black jean and a blue T-shirt lying on a black polythene paper. We checked the body but there was no breathing. We checked the pulses which we realised were not functioning,” he told court as the audience listened attentively.

“The body had multiple bruises including on the limbs plus the buttocks. One of our detectives Constable Angaciya gave me the particulars of the deceased and we informed one of his brothers from Kisaasi, a Kampala suburb.”

Grace said since the proprietors of the venue were not cooperative in providing all the necessary information, he moved around the scene with Angaciya.

Desh and his co-accused in he dock (Photos: Michael Nteza/ChimpReports)

Desh and his co-accused in he dock (Photos: Michael Nteza/ChimpReports)

“We discovered an area behind the bar where there was a scuffle. The place was littered with crates of soda and beer as well as blood drops which had been attempted to be washed away,” he added.

The body was later taken away from the scene to Kiira Police station where postmortem request forms were to be obtained.

On reaching the police station, a cop at the reception reported that in custody was a suspect whom Desh had brought on accusation of stealing his Shs 9m.

“The suspect, Kenneth Kirenzi, informed investigators that one of the workers at Panamera had been found with Shs 30,000 in his pockets and that Desh with others took him behind the bar where there were crates of drinks before torturing him,” recounted Grace.

Kirenzi, according to Grace, told police that Kateregga who was being clobbered told his tormentors that he had received money from him (Kirenzi).

Kirenzi said he was also tortured and later driven to police.

Grace said on showing Kirenzi the body that was by then lying on a police patrol, he broke down into tears and confirmed that it was his workmate Kateregga who had been tortured by Desh alongside others.

Kirenzi had bruises and was still bleeding.

Grace said he took a decision to remove Kirenzi from custody to record a statement and get medical assistance.

Prosecution alleges that Kananura and four co-accused who include, his brother Raymond Kananura, Samuel Nzoreba, Jacob Onyango and Sirus Maganda in September 2012 while at Panamera Bar Naguru  Kampala suburb, tortured and murdered Badru Kateregga, a bar attendant at Panamera Bar.


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