Kasiwukira Widow Has Case to Answer – Court

Acussed persons Sarah Nabikolo and Sandra Nakungu being escorted by Prisons officer

High Court judge Justice Wilson Masalu Musene has ruled that Sarah Nabikolo Sebunnya, clinic the widow of the late businessman Bugembe Kasiwukira and two others have a case to answer and thus ordered them to prepare their defense.

In his ruling today, diagnosis the judge said the testimony that was brought by the prosecution clearly showed that all the accused persons knew something about the murder.

The judge based on the evidence of Prosecution witness Gayi Bugembe, the brother of the deceased who told court that the relationship between Nabikolo and his brother had been affected when the deceased married another wife

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The judge said that such evidence from close family members couldn’t be taken lightly. He added that Nabikolo had to explain to court why Kasiwukira had become suspicious of her and more on their relationship before his death.

The judge on the other hand pointed out that Kasiwukira’s sister in law and the second suspect Sandrah Nakungu was culpable as well.

He based this on the proof brought to court that she owned the car which was used in the murder and that she sold it off moments before the murder.

Police officer Ashraf Jadeni, the third suspect was also found culpable by the court, basing on the evidence of one Komakech Richard who said he saw him driving the very car that killed Kasiwukira.

Another witness told court that the police officer was seen several times at Nakungu’s home.

Justice Museni concluded that this being a high profile case, it needed to be handled with care and satisfactorily.



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