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Kasiwukira Murder: ‘Nabikolo Paid Assassins Shs 30m to Kill Husband’

Kasiwukira's widow Sarah Nabikolo Sebunya at court recently

The 20th prosecution witness in the matter where three people are suspected of masterminding the murder of city tycoon Eriya Bugembe Sebunya alias Kasiwukira has pinned Sarah Nabikolo to have provided Shs 30m to the assailant who murdered her husband.

Nabikolo, check her sister Sandrah Nakkungu and a police constable at Muyenga police Ashraf Jarden are alleged to have planned the city murder that sent ripples across the country.

Kasiwukira was knocked dead on October 17, prostate 2014 at Diplomatic Zone in Muyenga while on routine morning jog.

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In his testimony the civil servant attached to Joint Anti- Terrorism Unit ( JAT) Richard Byamukama, informed court that he received a call from Ashraf Jarden as they were close friends and informed him of the deal to shoot a rich man.

Byamukama said he immediately informed his superiors who advised him to continue cooperating with Jarden so as to get all evidence that was required at the time of their arrest.

Byamukama narrated that he went with Jarden to Namuwongo where they met a lady whom he later identified as Nakkungu.

Nakkungu told the witness about “a lady who wanted to kill his husband” for using witchcraft that she feared would claim lives of their children.

Deal flops

Byamukama said he asked Nakkungu to first pay him a deposit.

However, Nabikolo, through Jarden and Nakkungu told Byamukama that he had to first execute the mission.

The deal could not be sealed as both parties failed to reach a settlement.

Three months down the road, the witness heard that Kasiwukira was dead.

To obtain evidence, Byamukama met Jarden with a hidden recording device before asking him who exactly killed the deceased.

Jarden responded that Nabikolo paid Shs 30million to killer without revealing the identity.

The recordings were handed to court to serve as prosecution exhibits.

During cross examination, defence lawyers led by Mac Dusman Kabega asked the witness why Jarden chose only him to finish up the mission of murder.

Byamukama said he was close friends with Jarden and could easily share secrets.

“I put it to you that on various occasions you were called on missions of murder which inspired Jarden to call you so that you finish that mission also,” said the lawyer.

The state prosecution led by Samalie Wakhooli said state will provide 10 more witnesses which prompted the Presiding High Court judge Wilson Musene to extend hearing of the case to May, 30 2016.


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