Kasese Legislators Deny Creating Yiira Republic

L-R MP, William Nzoghu, Winnie Kiiza and Centenary Franco Robert

Legislators from Kasese have denied any knowledge of plans by the people they represent to secede from Uganda so as to create a new State known as the Yiira Republic.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, viagra Gen Jeje Odong told the media on Tuesday that the separatist campaign to create a Bakonzo republic (Yiira Republic) in the Rwenzori region is a total impossibility.

“The talk of cessation and creation of the Bakonzo state of Yiira has been in the public domain for quite some time now. Government has been clear that this dream is an impossibility in the present times, link ” the Minister noted.

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However legislators from the region led by the Kasese Women MP, Winnie Kiiza, Kasese Municipality MP, Centenary Franco Robert and Busongola North MP, William Nzoghu told the media at Parliament on Wednesday that the Yiira republic is a creation of the NRM government and not an intention of the people.

“The Yiira republic is a Kayihura (IGP) creation, you know it’s Kayihura who started it coming up with maps; recently I saw Bantariza (Government deputy Spokesperson) coming up with the Yiira currencies,” Kiiza noted.

“Bantariza isn’t a Mukonzo and those of us that are beneficiaries of this currency had never even seen it; I can’t substantiate on it because I don’t know it.”

The minister highlighted that the political ambitions to create Yiira Republic might be the most probable cause of conflict despite other causes.

“This factor will be investigated to ascertain whether it is one of the drivers behind the behavior of violent actions of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu,” Odongo said.


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