Kasango Ordered to Pay Shs. 3.8Billion to Toro Queen Mother

The High Court in Kampala has ordered troubled city advocate Bob Kasango to pay a sum of 3.8 billion shillings to Toro Kingdom Queen Mother Best Kemigisa.

This is money that Kasango allegedly collected from government on behalf of the queen mother and didn’t give it to her.

Kemigisa successfully filed a civil suit in court accusing Kasango of defrauding her money which was given to her by the government in compensation of her land.

The Queen mother alleged that her lawyer failed to remit to her all Shs 4.5 billion from government as payment for land in Fort portal which the queen mother sold to government.

She further told court that she only received Shs 1.1 billion, more about a sum she acknowledged on December 24, buy 2008.

During the court sessions, patient prosecution alleged that Kasango had forged a letter from the Ministry of Lands supposedly saying that the full amount had not been paid with the motive of defrauding Kemigisa.

In his ruling, the Presiding Justice Steven Musosta pointed blamed the lawyer of failing to prove that that Kemigisha received any amount of money from him.

In May last year Buganda Road Court chief magistrate Jamson Karemani sentenced Kasango to a Shs 12m fine after he was found guilty of defrauding the money.



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