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Kanyamunyu Family Ready to Meet Akena’s Relatives

SUSPECTS: Matthew Kanyamunyu, his brother Joseph and girlfriend Cynthia

The family of murder suspect Mathew Kanyamunyu has sent its condolences to the relatives of Watmon Akena and expressed willingness to hold talks.

Mathew, treat his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu and Burundian national Cynthia Munwangari are being held at Luzira Prison in connection with Akena’s death.

It is alleged Akena was shot dead by Mathew in a confrontation outside a car bond warehouse in Lugogo, Kampala last year.

Appearing on the NTV’s Forth Estate last evening, MP Odonga Otto said Akena’s dad was ready to forgive the suspects but on condition of a confession.

In response, the soft-spoken Ssebunya said her family was willing to talk to Akena without conditions.

She said Mathew and Joseph remain suspects in the case.

According to Ssebunya, Mathew told her family members that “he did not do it.”

She, however, added: “We want to understand the Acholi culture and make necessary arrangements for the visit.”

The Kanyamunyus were raised by the Byanyima family of Ruti following their father’s death in 1978.

Ssebunya also defended Winnie Byanyima’s decision to stand surety for the Kanyamunyus, saying she was their ‘mother’


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