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Kanyamunyu Case: MPs Odonga Otto, Anywar Regret Supporting Besigye

Mps Odonga Otto and Beatrice Anywar shed tears at the Kampala High Court (Photo by Kennth Kazibwe)

There was drama at High Court in Kampala on Tuesday morning as Aruu county Member of Parliament,  Samuel Odonga Otto, and Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar denounced the former Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

The MPs together with relatives of the late Kenneth Akena broke down at the court  in a show of discomfort with the ongoing bail application by murder suspect Mathew Kanyamunyu and his 2 co-accused.

The Bail application is slated to be determined by the High Court later today.

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Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu applied for bail at High Court and during the proceeding before Justice Elizabeth Kabanda, produced sureties as a requirement for bail. One of these was Dr. Kizza Besigye’s wife and Oxfarm International boss Winnie Byanyima.

Besigye’s wife was introduced to court as an aunt to Mr Kanyamunyu.

However, this didn’t go well with the legislators from the northern region and Akena’s relatives who argued that Besigye’s wife ought to have stayed out of the case.

Mrs Winnie Byanyima stood surety of the Kanyamunyus

Mrs Winnie Byanyima stood surety of the Kanyamunyus

Immediately after court went into break, Odonga Otto was up in arms accusing Dr. Besigye of being a hypocrite and stressing that he ought to have reigned in on his wife not to participate in the case.

“I regret supporting Dr.Kizza Besigye. How can his wife be the one to stand surety for Kanyamunyu,” Odonga Otto   yelled.

The vocal legislator said it was unfortunate that  a number of people  from the north  including  James Opoka died  for   supporting the FDC and opposition strongman, adding that Besigye has ‘paid them by sending  his wife to stand surety for a murderer’.

NEVER AGAIN: MP Odonga Otoo says Besigye must be careful when returning to Northern Uganda

NEVER AGAIN: MP Odonga Otoo says Besigye must be careful when returning to Northern Uganda

Otto together with Beatrice Anywar said Besigye should have advised Byanyima to distance herself from the Kanyamunyu case which they said is sensitive.

“The political lines now have been drawn and you should never step foot again in the north or else when coming   you should come in an armored vehicle,” Otto said.

The group promised more action in case court granted bail to the accused, stressing that the deceased’s spirit will never rest until justice has been served to the killers of their son.

Some of the relatives of the late Akena

Some of the relatives of the late Akena

Quantum Logistics boss Mathew Kanyamunyu(39) battles the murder charges with his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munwangali(26) and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyo(40).

Prosecution alleges that the trio and others still at large on November 12 along Kampala-Jinja road near Malik car bond, opposite UMA main gate killed Kenneth Akena.

Police has since the recovered the pistol used in the murder.



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