Kanyamunyu Case: Besigye Attacks Museveni, Odonga

President Yoweri Museveni when speaking to the African audiences on different avenues has often listed a number of bottlenecks which he says have curtailed the continent’s social economic transformation and caused insecurities in different parts.

About 10 of these bottlenecks, healing he says, must be addressed with urgency or Africa will not catch up to global speeds.

On top of the President’s list of bottlenecks is what he calls “ideological disorientation” which he blames on the Africa’s colonizers, who sought to turn African societies against each other by dividing them along tribal and religious lines.

If African chiefs of the time had resisted this sectarianism, he says, the continent would not have been colonized.

But even after independence, Museveni says the foreign forces continue to manipulate and corrupt African political leaders to propagate this sectarianism.

“Our observation of the last 55 years is that the main problem in Africa is ideological.  The political elite, many of them acting on behalf of foreign interests, have failed to determine what is more important: interest or identity,” he told a France-Africa Summit in Bamako Mali last week.

In Uganda, in May 2015, the President spoke more candidly about the sectarian problem after listening to a tribally charged Whatsapp conversation, in which A Mukiga man and Muhima woman engaged in a sectarian and abusive exchange.

The two are heard in the recording degrading each other’s tribes as primitive, ostentatious, and unprivileged.

Describing these individuals as “foolish” and “enemies of unity,” the president ordered their immediate arrest.

Museveni said NRM holds in contempt the conveyors of such primitive attitudes, saying that the culprits must be brought to book.

But Mr Museveni has not walked the walk, when it comes to addressing sectarian divisions, according to his long term political opponent Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

Besigye says the situation has worsened ever since President Museveni took power 30years ago; that most Ugandans still look at each other from the tribal perspective.

Besigye was speaking yesterday  in light of the dramatic scenes witnessed at the Kampala High Court on January 10th, as two of his senior party members denounced him after his wife Winnie Byanyima showed up to stand surety of a suspected murderer Mathew Kanyamunyu.

Tribalism, nepotism and sectarianism, Besigye said, has only escalated in Uganda.

“The whole thing about what happened in court is the sentiment that there are some people who are above the law, who can kill others and get away with it. And those are the privileged tribes,” he told NTV.

“This has been nurtured, watered to bring it to where it is. We must defuse it. Everybody believes that everything goes to Ankole. All the government jobs, all you hear are Ankole names and it is true,” he said.

According to Besigye, the Aruu County MP Odonga Otto, who at the court regretted ever supporting (Besigye) and vowed to hurt him if he ever steps foot in northern Uganda; is a “product of this unfortunate situation.”

“First, he believes that a husband should control his wife; whatever she says and does and if he doesn’t, he is weak. That is what advises his world view.”

Besigye added, “He doesn’t know that women have as much right and privilege as their spouses and that they are free to exercise those rights as they see and that indeed you cannot hold somebody accountable for another persons actions.”

“Although he (Odonga) is a lawyer, I understand where he is coming from. Even when (Amama) Mbabazi was candidate, you remember he carried coffins saying if Mbabazi comes here they will harm him.”

Dr Besigye in the televised interview also seemed to suggest that Odonga Otto and Kitgum District Woman MP Beatrice Anywar were being used by President Museveni to cause disunity in the position FDC party.

He said, “The power of the dictator is to cause people who are in organizations that challenge him to do what the dictator wants.”


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