Kanungu Residents to Trek to State House Over Roads

Kanungu residents have threatened to stage mass protests against poor road infrastructure in the district.

The outcry is being led by Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza, order the former Kinkiizi West MP contestant.

Kagurusi while addressing the media in Kihihi town council Kanungu district on Monday said the fights in awarding tenders between UNRA and local district leadership have led to the delays in the projects’ commencement.

Kagurusi put on notice the UNRA leadership, generic saying that if no action is seen, stomach he will mobilize people to walk from Kanungu to State House Entebbe to show the president their discontent to the President.

President Yoweri Museveni during 2011 campaigns promised the people of Kanungu to tarmac the Rukungiri-Ishasha-Kanungu road but the project has since stalled.

Kagurusi says they have over the years been reminding government about the road which was surveyed some time back but nothing more followed. .

On May 7, police in Kihihi arrested Kagurusi and 20 others who were protesting the delayed construction of the Rukungiri Kanungu road for illegal demonstration.

They had planned to trek a distance of 40 kilometers between Kihihi and Kanungu town councils before the police intercepted them.

The protesters carried placards attacking President Yoweri Museveni for failing to honor his pledge to upgrade the road to tarmac.



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