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Kanungu Man Kills Grand Father Over Waragi Sachet

Police in Kanungu district are investigating circumstances under which a man killed his grandfather over sachet of waragi before being lynched by a mob.

Fulgence Bagarukamu, visit web 73, stomach from Kinaba sub county, Kanungu district was killed by Jimmy Niwamanya 30.

It’s alleged that on 27th December 2016 at around 8am in the morning, the two left home for a drinking spree.

While at a local bar at Kyamukombe trading centre in Kinaba sub county Kanungu district, the two developed a disagreement, Niwamanya accusing his grandfather for drinking his sachet of waragi when he moved out.

The grandson reportedly strangled his grandfather and killed him instantly before the people who were drinking with them also beat and killed Niwamanya on spot.

Elly Maate the Kigezi region police spokesperson says that police was notified, visited the place and the bodies were taken away, and that the hunt is on for the killers of Niwamanya.


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