Kamya Explains Her Appointment: “Kampala Needs a Calm Leader”

President of the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has praised President Yoweri Museveni for making the “right choice” for Kampala by appointing her Minister in charge of the capital.

Kamya was named in the position in last evening’s cabinet list, replacing Hon Frank Tumwebaze who was moved to Ministry of Information.

“There’s like a thousand people at my house at this moment; the people are excited, ” she told us on phone from her house where a party was ongoing.”

Mrs. Kamya told us that President Yoweri Museveni needed “a calmer person” to take over the administration of Kampala.

“I am a moderate person. You know that Kampala politics are hyper. The president needed a calm person,  ” she said. “I have vast management skills and most important, I am an opposition politician from Kampala.”

Unlike her predecessor Frank Tumwebaze, who is from Kamwenge and an NRM diehard, Kamya noted that she was a better choice, considering the circumstances in Kampala.

The UFA President also scoffed at critics who daubed her appointment as a reward for her recent stance against her former party FDC.

“These people should know that the President in the past has offered me a cabinet position. In 2001 he offered me a ministry; even in 2011 he wanted to appoint me but I declined. I don’t think that Museveni is so petty that he would appoint someone minister for merely speaking against his enemy”

Asked on the fate of her party UFA, Mrs. Kamya noted that her appointment was more of a blessing to her party members.

“Many of them have been pushing for a government of national unity; even my Secretary General has spoken severally about the government of national unity. I think that my appointment in the ruling government is a huge step toward achieving this,” she added.


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