Kamuswaga to Sue Kayihura over Inhumane Arrest

Kabumbuli being dragged on the road by Ssekandi's guards

The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, case Gen. Museveni has said the troublesome UPDF general David Sejusa is only going to be retired from the force when he is fully rehabilitated.

Gen. Sejusa was arrested on Sunday last week and charged on Tuesday of this week with three counts of absenteeism without permission, participating in partisan politics and living contrary to army doctrines.

He was sent to Luzira Prison until when he will be brought back to court.

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Addressing a press conference at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura district on Friday, president Museveni said the retirement of Sejusa is not his responsibility but that of the army board entrusted with the duty.

“Yes I am the Commander-in-Chief but it is not my work to retire Gen. Sejusa. It is the army board that decides who should be retired from the UPDF,” Museveni told journalists.

Sejusa has applied for the retirement from the army twice but none has materialized.

The last one was when he returned from the self-imposed exile in the United Kingdom is still pending.

The general who was still the Coordinator of Military Intelligence and army Member of Parliament fled to the UK in April 2013 after authoring a controersial letter.

Museveni stressed that the army cannot “offload” a troublesome member into the civilians.

“I don’t think it is a good idea for the army to offload a troublemaking member into the civilian society. Let the army first deal with it,” he stressed.

“Sejusa will only be retired when he is reformed and fits into the community.”

Meanwhile the president also denied ordering the arrest of his former bush war comrade.

Museveni said Sejusa instead ordered for his own arrest when he indulged himself in activities contrary to the army conduct.

Sejusa is among the first 50 National Resistance Army members carrying number RA00031.

“I am yet to read the charges put against him. I think they are few but might be strong ones. No one in Uganda can order for someone’s arrest when there is no offence committed. There was nothing like my orders,” said the president.

“Sejusa instead ordered for his own arrest when he started causing troubles. He should blame himself for the arrest.”

Sejusa was picked from his home in Naguru by the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Lt. Gen. Charles Angina executing the orders of his immediate boss, Gen. Katumba Wamala.
The traditional head of the minority Kooki chiefdom, cost His Royal Highness Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli has revealed plans to sue the Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura, whose men early this week manhandled and stripped him in the middle of the road.

The Kamuswaga of Kooki through his lawyers of Fred Muwema and Company advocates last Thursday served the police boss with the intention to sue letter.

On Tuesday while driving in his land cruiser along Masaka Mutukula Road at a place called Kyajubira village near Bukunda Trading Centre, the traditional leader was intercepted by the security crew of the Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, who accused him of trying to overtake the convoy.

The guards reportedly grabbed the Kamuswaga out of his vehicle, tore his clothes and dragged him on the road.

The lawyers termed this as “unlawful and unjustifiable torture and forceful arrest” of the Kamuswaga.

“Our Client at the time of the humiliation was driving well behind the convoy of the vice president which was moving at a very low speed at the time a fact that is well within your officers’ knowledge and indeed the onlookers before he was taken to Masaka Police Station and later released without making any statement,” noted the lawyers.

“Your officers’ acts were not only intended to torture our Client but to humiliate him before the public despite the fact that he was driving his official vehicle well embodied with the official emblem.”

The Kamuswaga now wants the IGP to “reprimand whoever was involved in the torturous acts of a very respectable member of society.”

He also wants the IGP to publicly make an official public apology to him and his subjects and duly compensate him for the humiliation occasioned to him and his subjects.

“Failure to do so shall leave us with no option but to take the necessary legal action within the next three days. Expect no further reminders.”


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