Kamuli Service Commission on the Spot Over Bribery


Kamuli District service commission headed by Fredrick Byakika is under probe after its services were temporarily halted by the district executive committee over alleged bribery.

This followed several verbal and written petitions from the public who claim the commission makes appointments/decisions after being induced by bribes and or out of favoritism.

In a letter dated June 12, page the district LCV chairperson Thomas Kategere informed the chief administrative officer of how the public is decrying the stanching bribery in the commission.

“It has come to the attention of the district executive committee through verbal and written petition that the district service commission has made appointments/ decisions induced by bribery and favoritism” the letter reads in part.

It is also alleged that some positions or jobs have been given to people without proper qualifications citing an example of the district procurement officer, this probation officer, community development officer, information officer, records officer and hospital administrator among others.

“It is against this background that the district executive committee resolved under No 64/DEC/12/June/2017 that CAO stays appointments of the above positions and interviewing of applicants for other positions until the allegations are thoroughly and expeditiously investigated.”

In this, the District boss Thomas Kategere and his executive, wants all the activities including short listing, interviewing and appointments of all positions where interviews have not been conducted to be stopped.

The District Executive Committee (DEC) also resolved that the district service commission be invited fora meeting with the DEC and CAO’s office with immediate effect for interrogation.

A select committee of inquiry was accordingly constituted to investigate the above issues and a report to be submitted to DEC within 14 working days.

However, Kamuli CAO Ben Ogwete has advised the district executive committee that the matter can only be handled by the district internal auditor Alex Kifuuse instead of the select committee.

“The district executive committee should only wait to receive and discuss the report findings by the internal auditor. The auditor should however help to carry out the investigations and auditing expeditiously” Ogwete added.

Mr Byakika, the chairperson of the district service commission was non-committal to speaking to the media saying his comments would jeopardize the impending investigations.


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